Coal Gasification


There’s more trouble for carbon capture and more trouble for Southern Company, the big Atlanta-based utility holding company: South Mississippi Electric Power Association backed out of its plan to pump $600 million into the Kemper County Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project in Mississippi for a 15 percent stake. Fitch reacted quickly. Fitch will review the ratings and Outlook for… Keep reading →


In a final rule that was immediately effective, EPA on April 8, 2015, removed the comparable fuels exclusion and the gasification exclusion issued under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). 80 Fed. Reg. 18777. EPA had to delete the provisions, as both had been vacated by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in 2014.

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

Canada needs to “get its house in order” regarding carbon emissions, according to Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau. If Canada shows it’s serious about dealing with climate change by putting a price on carbon at the national level – Alberta has a carbon tax structure – then it would be easier for the Obama administration… Keep reading →

Martin Caulfield Services Some Of The Last Remaining Gas Street Lamps In The Capital

Gas was first produced and supplied from coal over 200 years ago in London and next month engineers from around the world will gather in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to celebrate the anniversary, as well as new gasification technology at the New Horizons in Gasification, 12th European Gasification Conference. “The Gas Light and Coke Company began… Keep reading →