Climate Debate

Congress Reconvenes After Midterm Elections

While it is likely that the Obama Administration will continue to be a major focus of GOP-led oversight inquiries in 2016, industry stakeholders, particularly those affected by legislation or proposed regulations, should also expect to face additional scrutiny.

Energy & Environment Update – November 2015 #4

Congress Reconvenes After Midterm Elections

Congress returned from the Thanksgiving recess to a full schedule starring the six-year reauthorization of federal highway programs.

Illinois Plant Produces Alternate Fuel

The EPA called on Monday for an increase in the amount of ethanol and other renewable fuels blended into the nation’s overall fuel supply next year. [The Washington Post] Volkswagen successfully lobbied to remove two key parts of Europe’s coming auto emissions tests, an internal email has shown. [The NY Times] Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s,… Keep reading →

Energy & Environment Update – November 2015 #3

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

With the November 20 deadline looming, Congress will focus much of this week on the surface transportation bill as House and Senate conferees try to quickly negotiate differences on H.R. 22 and enact the first multi-year highway authorization law since 2012.

Energy & Environment Update – November 2015 #2

House Votes On Full Passage Of Keystone Pipeline

Despite the House being in recess for the Veterans Day holiday, bicameral negotiations on an omnibus appropriations package continue this week.

Energy & Environment Update – August 2015 #3

Congress Reconvenes After Midterm Elections

Congress returns from the August recess after the Labor Day holiday next week, and the in the meantime, energy and environment issues continue to play a significant role on the national and international stages through the rest of the year.

Energy & Environment Update – July 2015 #2

As Default Deadline Nears, Congress Continues Debate Debt Ceiling Plan

The House and Senate have a full schedule for the remaining three weeks of the summer session before the August recess.

Energy & Environment Update – June 2015 #5

Balance Of Power At Stake As Midterm Elections Draw Near

The House and Senate are in recess for the Independence Day holiday before returning next week for the July work period.

Energy & Environment Update – June 2015 #4

EPA's Michael Leavitt Signs Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule

The House and Senate have a full final week until the July 4 recess. The Senate is scheduled to address President Obama’s trade legislation, and the House will focus much of the week on environmental regulation challenges.

Energy & Environment Update – September 2014 #3

Neurath Power Plant Rated Germany's Biggest CO2 Emitter

Congress has recessed until after the November elections, and we turn our attention this week to energy and climate issues on the Administration and international fronts.

The House approved the continuing resolution (H.J. Res. 124) last week, keeping the government open through December 11, and the Senate’s approval followed shortly thereafter. The House also passed an energy package, the American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act (H.R. 2) September 18. The measure, consisting of 13 already-House-approved bills, would approve the Keystone XL pipeline (H.R. 3, H.R. 3301), limit environmental regulations (H.R. 1582, H.R. 3826), and open federal lands to energy extraction (H.R. 4899). The House also approved a tax and deregulatory package, the Jobs for America Act (H.R. 4). The White House announced last week that the president would veto both the energy and tax packages if they came to his desk. The Senate will not act on the measures, but they afford a preview of the issues the upper chamber would consider if Republicans assume control of the Senate in 2015.