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This is the latest installment in our Energy Startup Series that gives executives at cutting-edge energy firms an opportunity to share insights and experiences about the energy industry, their careers and their companies.   With a background in finance and advising multinational companies, Mark Borman has found his calling at an innovative wind turbine company out of… Keep reading →


Editor’s Note: This article has been cross-posted from the White House Council on Women and Girls blog. We are proud of the close relationship between the Department of Energy and the White House Council on Women and Girls and of our united effort to bring more women and girls into energy and science, technology, engineering and math… Keep reading →


All across the country, businesses, nonprofits and local governments are seeing the benefits of investing in energy efficiency — it saves money on energy costs and frees up funds for other uses. To take their energy efficiency investments to the next level, organizations are tapping into the innovative thinking of the nation’s university students through… Keep reading →


To see that the clean energy economy is creating jobs in communities across the United States, look no further than the Energy Department’s recent Revolution Now report — which shows rapidly falling prices and rising deployment of clean and renewable technologies. Thanks to federal and private sector investments, clean energy technologies like wind power, solar, LED lighting and… Keep reading →

In his 2013 State of the State Address, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a $1 billion “Green Bank” to draw in private sector money and spark investment in clean energy projects. The Governor also named a “Cabinet-Level Energy Czar” to advance his clean tech strategies. The announcements are a step forward to promote renewable energy development and boost New York’s clean energy economy.

Governor Cuomo, at his 2013 State of the State address on January 9, 2013, announced innovative proposals to continue clean energy economy advancement. Central to his strategy is a $1 billion Green Bank, a fund that will draw in private sector money to match public funds and spur investment in clean energy technologies. The goal is to provide low-cost and low-risk financing for renewable projects and energy efficiency programs. Part of the funds from Energy Efficiency Portfolio, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and System Benefit Charge will fund the Bank and attract private investment. Governor Cuomo also named Richard Kauffman, Senior Advisor to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, as “Cabinet-Level Energy Czar.” Kauffman will oversee the Green Bank and head the new sub-cabinet formed to oversee clean energy policy and funding. Keep reading →

Scientists working to tackle our energy challenges at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, just got a powerful new weapon. While there’s no cape, the Olympus supercomputer does sport some superhero-like powers. It can’t fly, but it could perhaps help scientists figure out how with its ability to process computations as fast as 20,000 personal computers combined.

The supercomputer’s enormous disk bandwith – 80 gigabytes per second – allows it to read and write information to a disk 800 times faster than a personal computer, and it can hold 38.7 terabytes of memory. If you’re like us and were a little fuzzy on the prefix “tera,” it means 10 to the 12th power. So 38.7 terabytes is almost 39 trillion bytes. You get the picture; this is a very powerful computer combining with some very bright minds. Keep reading →