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Renewable Energy Update – April 2016 #2

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Farmland has become fertile territory for clean energy, as solar and wind developers in North America, Europe, and Asia seek more flat, treeless expanses to build.

California Power Grid Strained By Heat Wave

Electricity markets around the world are transforming from a model where electricity flows one way (from electricity-generating power plants to the customer) to one where customers actively participate as providers of electric services. But to speed this transformation and maximize its environmental and cost benefits, we need to understand how customer actions affect the three… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update – April 2016

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

The operator of a massive U.S. government-backed solar project in California that fell short of production targets says the facility more than doubled its output last month.

Illinois Governor Appoints Special Task Force To Review Energy Infrastructure

WASHINGTON — Building on the Department of Energy’s (DOE) ongoing efforts to modernize the grid and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, today U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced that DOE will participate in the development of the Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project (Clean Line), a major clean energy infrastructure project. The Clean Line… Keep reading →

Inside The City Of London's New Landmark Skyscraper

A recent decision by New Jersey utility regulators to standardize energy efficiency procedures for commercial buildings could have a major impact – not just on the Garden State – but on energy markets nationwide. The reason: It gives investors more confidence in performance and returns which is exactly what can fuel a big push to… Keep reading →

Renewable Energy Update – March 2016

Boom Goes Bust: Texas Oil Industry Hurt By Plunging Oil Prices

New guidelines from the Bureau of Land Management streamline the implementation of Solar Energy Zones on public lands while protecting natural, cultural, and human resources that could be impacted by solar development.

Massive Solar Electricity Plant Provides Power To California Homes

If you want a good example how bad government can kill good jobs and clean energy innovation, take a look at what’s happening in Nevada, where a decision by Governor Brian Sandoval’s appointees, pushed by NV Energy Inc., essentially killed the thriving local solar energy industry. In December 2015, Gov. Sandoval’s Public Utilities Commission (PUCN)… Keep reading →


In the race to reduce carbon footprints and replace coal as a primary energy source, much has been made of an alleged “battle” between natural gas and renewables in the power generation industry. However, an astute market read — fueled by actions from utilities and regulatory agencies – may find the two sectors growing in… Keep reading →

Obama Nominates New Energy Secretary, New EPA Administrator

WASHINGTON – Ahead of the International Energy Agency’s Ministerial in Paris, which serves as a lead-up to the COP21 UN Climate Negotiations, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the 2015 Revolution…Now report, which details the state of several clean energy technologies in the U.S. that provide technology solutions to climate change. The updated report, which was… Keep reading →

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

The U.S. Department of the Interior has auctioned the rights to lease nearly 344,000 acres offshore New Jersey for potential offshore wind energy development.

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