Clean Coal


There’s more trouble for carbon capture and more trouble for Southern Company, the big Atlanta-based utility holding company: South Mississippi Electric Power Association backed out of its plan to pump $600 million into the Kemper County Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project in Mississippi for a 15 percent stake. Fitch reacted quickly. Fitch will review the ratings and Outlook for… Keep reading →

A large excavator loads a truck with oil

The European Union tossed out a plan to label Canadian oil sands crude highly polluting. “The debate about labelling tar sands, also known as oil sands, dates back to 2009 when EU member states approved legislation with the aim of cutting greenhouse gases from transport fuel sold in Europe by 6% by 2020, but failed… Keep reading →

Germany Debates Renewable Energy Investements

DOE will provide $1B financial assistance for the FutureGen 2.0 Project, the world’s first commercial-scale, oxy-combustion electric generation project with CCS technology. On January 15, 2014, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced its decision to provide approximately $1B in cost-shared funding to FutureGen Industrial Alliance for its $1.68B FutureGen 2.0 Project, a private-public partnership established… Keep reading →

kemper hero

See a photo gallery of the Secretary’s visit to Kemper. Liberty, Mississippi, a small town in the eastern county of Kemper, is quietly making energy history. Liberty is the home of the largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant in the country. The plant, commonly called the Kemper County Project, will use state-of-the-art emission controls to produce… Keep reading →