CeBIT 2012 Technology Trade Fair

New Digital Solutions and IoT-specific Security Portfolio Solve Top Challenges in Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, and Oil & Gas Cisco announced four new IoT vertical digital solutions for manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas, highlighting the company’s transitioning focus from selling products to providing business outcomes. The solutions are meant to help these verticals connect… Keep reading →

industrial internet of things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way the energy business is conducted by creating billions of data points that can be harnessed and turned into actionable intelligence for improving operations and efficiencies. There is no greater evidence of the importance of the IIoT than the innovations of two of the largest technology… Keep reading →

Markets Rise On Economic Data

The seemingly insatiable demand by users for more data has taken many players in the telecom and communications sector by surprise. To keep up with demand, new infrastructure is often needed and particularly data centers – the heart and brain of any network. With speed to operations being essential, prefabricated and highly energy efficient data… Keep reading →

Reliability has long been the most important element of operations to electricity generators and providers; the modern economy has been built around it. But as new technology evolves rapidly in management of energy consumption and both financial and regulatory limits remain on a comprehensive rebuild of the US electricity industry, the sector has found itself stuck mid-disruption.

A belief that smart meter installation would somehow finish the job of making any utility a connected, operationally forward-thinking powerhouse has been proved wrong by the substantial number of smart meter installations that have failed to alter any part of traditional utilities’ businesses (in many cases data is not even collected, or if collected isn’t acted on). The inability of all the different pieces of the energy system to “speak” to each other electronically has in many cases made traditional reliability practices futile, while not quite bringing the new reliability systems into full practice. Keep reading →

The traffic circle at the intersection of Old Street and City Road in East London’s Shoreditch neighborhood would be just another ugly piece of urban infrastructure if it hadn’t become identified with the city’s booming technology industry.

The circle – or roundabout, as the Brits call the familiar road features – is at the heart of a cluster of high-tech firms ranging from Google and Intel to hundreds of startups that have opened their doors in the last four years, generating a creative cluster that has invited comparisons with California’s Silicon Valley. Keep reading →

I’ve been warning for a long time that Cisco’s smart grid ambitions were going to force major changes onto the industry. The first of those changes has arrived today with the release of the first detailed version of the company’s grand framework — the reference architecture it calls GridBlocks.

The main points Keep reading →

The smart grid market is showing some strength as it consolidates and major players stake out their desired territory.

Hardware company Cisco, which launched various IP-based smart grid devices in 2009, announced on Wednesday that it would begin to focus its efforts on smart grid software instead. Keep reading →