Chris Christie

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

New Jersey has proposed using federal Sandy relief funds to set up an Energy Resilience Bank that would fund projects to make the state’s energy infrastructure more resilient in the face of extreme weather events. The Bank is an innovative proposal that will help New Jersey prepare for the future in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which… Keep reading →

New Born Elephants Appear At The Safari Zoo In Israel

There were a handful high-profile hydraulic fracturing bans announced in Colorado and New Jersey communities in late 2013, and earlier in the year Vermont banned the controversial oil and gas well completion technique, the first US state to do so. However, Vermont and New Jersey don’t have significant natural gas resources, which makes the announcements… Keep reading →

New Jersey released the final version of a plan designed to develop new sources of clean energy and boosting the use of renewables to meet an ambitious statewide goal.

Republican governor Chris Christie’s Energy Master Plan aims to have 22.5% of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources by 2021, and says it could reach a renewable portfolio standard of 70% by 2050 if the definition of clean energy was broadened to include nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric. For a copy of the plan, see here. Keep reading →