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China Daily Life - Pollution

Many of China’s coal-fired power plants are equipped with air pollution scrubbers, but in some parts of the country they are seldom used. Scrubbers take energy to run which reduces total output and makes operating the equipment more expensive. The government often sends plant operators mixed messages that prioritize economic growth (which requires maximum power… Keep reading →

Labor Market Shows Improvement In June Reports

We’ve been focusing a considerable amount of attention on the looming skills gap emerging in both the oil & gas and utility sectors that will result from experienced workers retiring in next few years. Often called the “great shift change” or “great crew change,” engineering-heavy companies are bracing for what some anticipate could be a… Keep reading →

British Bombing Suspect Studied Chemistry In U.S.

The New York Power Authority recently posted a series of interviews with their female engineers. This entry features a Q&A session with NYPA Chemical Engineer Kaela Mainsah. 1. How did you enter the engineering field? How did you decide on your specialty? I decided on chemical engineering because I like chemistry and was interested in the industrial processes that… Keep reading →

Martin Caulfield Services Some Of The Last Remaining Gas Street Lamps In The Capital

Gas was first produced and supplied from coal over 200 years ago in London and next month engineers from around the world will gather in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to celebrate the anniversary, as well as new gasification technology at the New Horizons in Gasification, 12th European Gasification Conference. “The Gas Light and Coke Company began… Keep reading →

British Bombing Suspect Studied Chemistry In U.S.

The importance of energy to modern society cannot be overstated and energy-related products are virtually ubiquitous in our homes, workplaces and modes of transport. “Chemical engineering is a remarkable profession. It can take the smallest of discoveries in laboratories – from all fields of science and technology – and replicate them on a mass scale,… Keep reading →

Sandy Spawns Blizzard Across Parts Of West Virginia And Maryland

The US power sector is staring down the barrel of a labor shortage of crisis proportions. With workers in all aspects of the industry retiring faster than new recruits are replacing them, the industry has a lot of work to do to position itself as a magnet for new talent. “There are a number of… Keep reading →