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Energy tax policy and regulation – what they are and what they should be – are the critical issues for the Presidential candidates, diverse energy experts agreed.

As with the candidates themselves, that was pretty much the end of the agreement in a Washington debate hosted by the American Petroleum Institute (API) Vote4Energy campaign. The experts split, politely, over what’s happening now and what that portends for the future, 40 years after the first oil embargo shocked Americans into paying attention to energy. Keep reading →

Memo to: Jim Lehrer, PBS; Candy Crowley, CNN; Bob Schieffer, CBS

In re: Energy questions you should be asking when you moderate the upcoming October Presidential debates Keep reading →

North America’s emerging oil shale abundance can fundamentally alter the US’s energy landscape, but experts say the road ahead may have a lot of detours.

The issues start with how much new supply can get to market. Keep reading →