Center for Liquefied Natural Gas

One Year Anniversary Of BP Oil Spill Approaches

The US Department of Energy announced conditional approval yeserday for 2 billion cubic feet per day of LNG exports from a proposed export project in Lake Charles, Louisiana to countries with which the US does not have a free trade agreement. This marks the third project obtain non-FTA export approval thus far. Proponents of unfettered… Keep reading →

The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on the approval process for exporting LNG to non-free trade agreement countries on Tuesday. One approval has thus far been granted to export LNG to non-free trade agreement nations and several are currently pending. Proponents of LNG exports are anxious to get projects running before the global LNG market tightens as major LNG export projects come on stream in other parts of the world, particularly Australia.

Here are a few highlight from the hearing courtesy of the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas: Keep reading →