Caspian Sea

14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 - Previews

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said he will deposit his salary in a shady bank targeted by western sanctions. The bank deals a lot with the Kremlin and Russian energy businesses, including Gazprom. “Little has been known about Bank Rossiya, which has risen to become the country’s 15th largest bank by assets last year from 54th… Keep reading →

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As global natural gas fundamentals shift – with Asian demand expected to significantly increase, the US importing less and exporting more – European countries seek secure and reliable long-term supply from a diverse group of producers. An ambitious pipeline project dubbed the Southern Gas Corridor is part of that vision. European utilities have successfully renegotiated… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

The giant Kashagan oil field located in Kazakhstan’s North Caspian Sea is one of the largest fields discovered in recent history. The field was extremely challenging to develop and its cost skyrocketed from original estimates around $60 billion to a reported $136 billion. After numerous delays, first oil was produced from Kashagan on September 11,… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

In this report published by the German Marshall Fund, Washington Institute fellow Simon Henderson discusses ways of surmounting the challenges Israel and Cyprus face as they seek to develop newfound oil and gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. [The Washington Institute for Near East Policy] A bit further to the northeast, the Caspian Sea… Keep reading →