Carbon Dioxide Capture

Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam Project To Displace Thousands in Amazon

Scientists analyzing satellite data have found the world’s vegetation has expanded despite deforestation in some regions. The results were published Monday in the journal, Nature Climate Change. Nearly 4 billion tons of carbon have been added to plants above ground since 2003. Most of the growth has resulted from tree-planting programs in China, forest regrowth… Keep reading →


Novomer is a small start-up chemistry company developing novel methods for converting waste carbon dioxide, CO2, into useful plastics, polymers and chemical intermediates. Novomer has developed proprietary catalysts that react with CO2 and allow it to bond with other molecules. CO2 is a difficult molecule to work with for the same reasons that it accumulates… Keep reading →

joule bacteria biofuel

Joule is a biotech firm developing a breakthrough photosynthesis based system for the production of liquid fuels using biocatalysts fueled by sunlight and carbon dioxide. The Joule process looks like many of the algal biofuel processes from the outside, but under the hood it is completely different. If proven successful the Joule process could be… Keep reading →

kemper hero

See a photo gallery of the Secretary’s visit to Kemper. Liberty, Mississippi, a small town in the eastern county of Kemper, is quietly making energy history. Liberty is the home of the largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant in the country. The plant, commonly called the Kemper County Project, will use state-of-the-art emission controls to produce… Keep reading →