Post-Flare Loops Erupt From Suns Surface

The solar industry has been very hot. Record amounts of new solar capacity have been installed over the past two years. The accelerating pace of adoption of solar panels for distributed generation (installed at the point of use, rather than sold into the power grid) and the downward trend of module prices have created exuberance… Keep reading →

First California Storm Brings Rainbow

Accounting giant Ernst & Young’s latest United States renewable energy attractiveness index confirms commonly understood perceptions of which states are friendliest to renewables, such as California and Hawaii, but also shows remarkable progress by individual states and the solar industry as a whole. The top ten states on the All Renewables Index, which you can… Keep reading →

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Fails Pressure Test, To Be Inspected By NRC

The U.S. has lost three percent of its summertime nuclear generating capacity as troublesome plants are retired. Robert Stone’s controversial film Pandora’s Promise has brought the question of how nuclear power might fit into a clean-energy future to center stage. We’re not going to hold (let alone resolve) that debate here and now. Instead, we’ll just note that… Keep reading →

New York State Mulls Limited Fracking In Southern Tier

By Javier E. David While some observers are warning that surging shale development and new natural gas discoveries could spawn a potential glut, most energy market watchers say strong demand makes natgas oversupply a remote prospect. Natural gas development is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the United States. In the throes of what… Keep reading →