Cameron LNG

A picture taken on June 05, 2010 shows t

WASHINGTON – The Energy Department announced today that it has issued the final authorization to Cameron LNG, LLC (Cameron) and Carib Energy LLC (Carib) to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) to countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States. The Cameron LNG Terminal in Cameron Parish, Louisiana… Keep reading →

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FERC has authorized Cameron LNG’s $10B natural gas liquefaction and export project, the second LNG export proposal to receive final FERC approval after conditional DOE approval.  On June 19, 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorized Cameron LNG LLC, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy Corp,  to construct and operate a natural gas liquefaction and… Keep reading →

Freezing Temperatures Continue To Grip The Country

Japanese utility Tohoku Electric announced an initial agreement to purchase 300,000 tons of LNG at Henry Hub-linked prices annually for 16 years starting in 2022 from the proposed Cameron LNG project. A Mitsubishi trading division with equity in the plant would supply the fuel if an FID is reached. [Reuters] New York Governor Andrew Cuomo… Keep reading →

Anti-FTAA Protesters Clash With Police In Miami

Chevron is restarting a shale drilling campaign in Romania, which has met resistance from the local population. As many as 300 riot police are patrolling the site. [Natural Gas Europe] Platts’ Brian Scheid has written an interesting piece on the Department of Energy’s latest LNG export approval, for an additional 0.4 billion cubic feet per… Keep reading →

China's Yuan Hits New Record High Against The Dollar

The large gap between domestic US natural gas prices and LNG prices in European and Asian markets that underlies the rationale for US LNG exports has raised the question: when US gas is sold abroad, who captures that spread? The difference between low prices paid for gas produced in the US – currently trading at… Keep reading →

A liquified natural gas (LNG) tanker sit

Proponents of a “commercial maturity test” for LNG export projects suggest that it could help to bridge the gap between those who support and those who oppose allowing the market to determine how much natural gas the US will sell abroad. But changing the rules mid-stream could give some project developers an edge, and even… Keep reading →

Moody’s analysts are have weighed in on prospects for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the US, forecasting that chemical companies and utilities could see some negative impact from higher domestic natural gas prices, but not enough to bring down their credit ratings.

Moody’s expects US LNG export capacity to rise to 6.3 billion cubic feet per day by 2020 – equivalent to 178.4 million cubic meters per day, compared with global exports totaling 330.8 billion cubic meters per day in 2011, according to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy. “We do not expect the volume of exports from North America will have a significant impact on the global LNG trade during this decade,” the rating agency said in a report, The Prospect of US LNG Exports Influences Pricing and Gas Markets Worldwide. Keep reading →