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Renewable Energy Update: August 2018 #4

New EPA Regulation To Cut Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants In US

Since the Obama administration introduced the CPP in 2015, it has faced significant challenges

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A new California ruling exempts net energy metering-paired energy storage systems sized 10 kW or smaller from interconnection charges. On May 15, 2014, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a decision exempting small storage devices paired with net energy metering (NEM)-eligible generation facilities from interconnection fees.  Fee exemption for NEM-paired storage would be tested… Keep reading →

6th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo Begins

California, facing a bit of a chicken or egg dilemma, is plunging ahead on building a hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The hope is that doing so will open the door to fuel-cell vehicle adoption – and at least one big carmaker is getting in on the effort. Legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last fall included… Keep reading →

Climate Change And Global Pollution To Be Discussed At Copenhagen Summit

Opinions vary on how serious are the challenges facing the industry. For some time now, everybody and his brother, as the saying goes, is talking about the rapid changes taking place within the electric power sector and the potential impact of these on the future of the industry. This newsletter has had its own share… Keep reading →

California energy regulators believe energy storage capacity could reach up to 8,000 MW by 2020, and could be further accelerated by renewables targets and the ongoing closure of one of two of the state’s nuclear power plants.

Michael Gravely, deputy chief of R&D at the California Energy Commission said he anticipated “fairly substantial amount of increase in services” in energy storage to balance the grid and integrate renewables over the next decade. Keep reading →

Information technology is the most powerful tool to accelerate cleantech adoption, but is being blocked by energy regulation developed during the industrial revolution, a leading investor told a Silicon Valley conference last week.

Sunil Paul, founding partner of Spring Ventures, which has invested in social networking
company LinkedIn and biofuels startup Solazyme, said: “Our entire regulatory regime is built for the industrial revolution and we have a different way of working today that requires a different code.” Keep reading →