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Mexico’s Guidelines for Clean Energy Certificates Will Support Renewable Energy Development

American Fuel Up On Cheaper Gas Over The Border Of Mexico

As part of a historic restructuring of its electrical power sector, Mexico will create a market for tradable Clean Energy Certificates, which many industry participants will be required to obtain. Draft guidelines proposed by the Mexican Ministry of Energy set forth the criteria for granting these clean energy certificates, a framework for buying and selling them, and a procedure for establishing the obligations of market participants to obtain the certificates. Final guidelines will be issued shortly.


Fall is in the air, the State Fair of Texas is in full swing, and the annual meeting of the University of Texas (UT) and the University of Oklahoma (OU) will occur at Dallas’ Cotton Bowl this weekend. One of the greatest football rivalries in the Big 12, UT and OU have been battling it out since… Keep reading →

The South West's First Solar Farm Is Connected

“This is not a pivot. It’s just another line of business.”  Skyline Innovations, the first U.S. company to offer third-party financing for solar hot water systems, is moving into a different line of business: energy brokerage. Earlier this month, the company changed its name to Nextility and announced that it would be offering energy management services to small businesses.… Keep reading →