Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Endangered Blue Whales Spotted Off California Coast

It’s day two of the federal government shutdown, and there’s no real sense yet of how long it might last. In the meantime, investment bank Simmons & Co has helpfully laid out some possible effects on the oil and gas industry, depending on its duration. This could include delays to additional Department of Energy approvals for… Keep reading →

Offshore Drilling Could Return To California If Lawmakers Approve Budget

A rise in well permitting in recent weeks seems to point to robust drilling activity in the second half of this year, according to Barclays. The bank monitors permitting data in 30 states, which has been on an upward trajectory of late. Onshore drilling permit activity showed a 4% increase month-over-month in June, adjusted to… Keep reading →

The sun sets behind two under constructi

The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act introduces reforms to revive offshore drilling, including a new five-year leasing plan aimed to expand drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific coastal regions.  On May 30, 2013, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) introduced a bill to expand offshore drilling to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts by… Keep reading →

View of the partially frozen Yellowstone

Opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration and development has long been a contentious issue, and Alaska Governor Sean Parnell made a push earlier this week to reopen the debate. Parnell presented Interior Secretary Sally Jewell with a detailed proposal for a seven-year program to conduct 3-D seismic exploration of ANWR area 1002… Keep reading →

Offshore wind power has become a significant component of several European countries’ electricity generation portfolios and now the US is looking to expand the power generating capacity of wind beyond its coastline.

The economics can be complex – particularly if the production tax credit expires at the end of 2012 – but offshore wind has the potential to become an affordable source of electricity for some of the largest US markets. Keep reading →

It’s a tough time to be an energy regulator in Washington.

The value of all federal regulation is being challenged on the political front as “job-killing,” but the legal requirements remain in place. Regulators must enforce laws while debate rages. Conversations with Washington observers evoked not only vociferous criticism and fervent praise for those on the spot to keep energy regulation functioning, but also a general respect for the barriers regulators face. Keep reading →

US offshore wind developers welcomed the federal government’s environmental assessment of expected projects off four eastern states, saying it would cut the time needed for permitting by around two years and boost the prospects that a number of planned projects will be built.

“The issuance of the draft EA…is very good news for the offshore wind industry,” said Jim Lanard, president of the Offshore Wind Development Coalition, a trade group. Keep reading →