Brian Wolff

For the tens of millions of Americans who own dividend-paying stocks – either directly, or indirectly through mutual funds, pension funds, life insurance policies, and 401(k) plans – it’s time to take notice of an important tax law that’s set to expire at the end of this year. Unless Congress acts, the maximum tax rate on dividend income is set to skyrocket from 15 percent to as high as 43.4 percent – a nearly 190 – percent increase. The top tax rate on capital gains, meanwhile, will rise from 15 percent to a maximum of 23.8 percent.

Keeping tax rates on dividend income low and on par with the tax rates on capital gains is important for all Americans. With time quickly running out on today’s tax rates, we encourage you to join a national grassroots advocacy campaign dedicated to stopping a dividend tax hike-Defend My Dividend ( The campaign is sponsored by Edison Electric Institute and a wide variety of associations, organizations, and companies who have a stake in this issue, along with the support of their members, employees, retirees, and shareholders. Keep reading →