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UCLA Institute Of The Environment And Sustainability's 2nd Annual Evening Of Environmental Excellence - Inside

The value placed on sustainable business practices and investments made in companies that embrace environmentally-friendly sustainable operating procedures has truly become de rigueur. You can’t watch TV, walk through the supermarket or read a corporate website without getting bombarded by green, carbon-neutral, organic, energy-efficient messaging. But how much of this is green-washed hype and how… Keep reading →

The centrality of the shale revolution to a resurgence in the US economy has been widely examined but rarely given such thorough analytical backing as it is in this video from Rice University’s Professor Peter Hartley.

While Hartley’s comments on North America’s conventional and unconventional natural resource endowment and upside production potential preceded the high-profile release of Boston Consulting Group’s report on the potential for an immense resurgence in the US manufacturing and export sector this week, he notes the degree to which the region enjoys economic and geopolitical competitive advantages in an increasingly globalized international landscape. Keep reading →

Energy exchange operator CME Group named a new managing director for its global energy business.

Gary Morsches was named as Managing Director for its energy business today. With 30 years of experience in the energy industry, Morsches will lead the company’s global energy complex which specializes in price transparency for energy commodities and includes trade in the West Texas Intermediate oil futures contract. Keep reading →