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Chinese Solar Manufacturer Supplies a Growing Domestic Market

The supreme court hit the pause button on Barack Obama’s plans to cut climate pollution from power plants, injecting new uncertainty into the viability of Obama’s climate plan once he leaves office in 2017. [The Guardian] European banks appear to face greater long-term exposure to problems in the energy sector compared to U.S. banks, many… Keep reading →

As of the end of October, the Department of Energy (DOE) had 18 applications pending for authority to export liquefied natural gas (LNG).

International demand is growing and expert studies say the LNG market will need 15 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) more in five years. Keep reading →

Long-term shifts in electric sector demand from coal to natural gas are under way and will drive gas prices higher than expected this year and to $4 per million Btu in 2013, says a veteran analyst.

Record gas use by electric utilities, combined with production cuts from drillers stung by recent low prices, have combined to start an upward pricing trend, says Teri Viswanath of BNP Paribas Commodity Markets Strategy Group, in a May 11 market commentary. Keep reading →

Natural gas regulators and the hydraulic fracturing industry must uniformly adopt best practices and rules to protect the environment in order to “meet the needs of public trust.”

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