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Renewable Energy Update – December 2016 #3

New Combined Electricity Project Connect Spain and France

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has released the final version of its long-anticipated revised eagle management plan.

Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting In New York

Bill Gates has stated that it’s not enough to use “lots of crazy-seeming ideas” to solve climate change. The cost of such clean energy must be lower than today’s options. [USA Today] The European Union’s trade commissioner told the multinational oil company ExxonMobil that a major free trade deal being negotiated with the US would help… Keep reading →

New Energy Investment Initiatives Part Of Major Trend

Bicycle Taxi In Paris

With climate change front and center on the world stage as a result of the ongoing U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and a group of other business leaders used the opportunity to make several prominent announcements

Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting In New York

Bill Gates has pulled together a multinational band of investors to put billions into clean energy. [CNN Money] India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has launched an international solar alliance of over 120 countries with the French president Francoise Hollande at the Paris COP21 climate summit. [The Guardian] The energy giant Petrobras received another blow on… Keep reading →

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivers r

Bill Gates has branded fossil fuel divestment “a false solution” and accused environmentalists of making misleading claims about the price of solar power. [The Guardian] A study published  in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has revealed finds the total area of the Amazon affected by severe drought will triple by the end of the… Keep reading →

Prime Minister David Cameron Tries To Take A Harder Line with Europe

The EU executive is to unveil radical and ambitious plans on Wednesday to establish a single European market in an attempt to weaken the Kremlin’s grip on Europe’s gas supplies. “The far-reaching scheme would also strengthen the power of Brussels against national energy regulators; boost consumer choice transnationally when buying electricity services; generate a bonanza… Keep reading →

High Oil Prices Continue To Drive Gas Prices Steadily Upwards

US independents Anadarko and Noble Energy have agreed to exchange around 50,000 net acres of leasehold in the Wattenberg field in northeastern Colorado. US independent Devon and midstream company Crosstex have agreed to combine Crosstex’s assets and Devon’s midstream assets to form a new midstream business, which remains unnamed for the time being. Devon is… Keep reading →

Google Developers Event Held In San Francisco

Not green enough, which is worrisome given how fast its energy use is growing At first blush, the Internet appears as green as it gets. Buying and reading an e-book on line obviates the need to drive to the bookstore, or having it shipped, and avoids chopping down trees to make paper to print it… Keep reading →

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivers remarks on the state of energy February 28, 2012 during the US Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Energy Innovation Summit at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland near Washington, DC. Gates was joined by US Energy Secretary Steven Chu and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu sees energy following cell phones and “going viral” worldwide if the costs of advanced batteries teamed with efficient solar panels can be reduced enough. Keep reading →

We’re from the government and we’re here to listen.

That was the opening message from top Department of Energy officials at the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, DC. The conference, being headlined Feb. 28-29 by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and former president Bill Clinton, is drawing more than 2,400 participants from the worlds of science, engineering, energy and venture capital. Keep reading →

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