Bill de Blasio


The New York State Supreme Court has struck down a City ban of polystyrene containers. The ban was supported by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but the Court found that the City didn’t fully look into the market for recycling the “soft foam” containers instead of banning them outright. You can get pretty… Keep reading →

President Obama Visits Largest Photovoltaic Plant In U.S. In Nevada

President Barack Obama signed the long-delayed legislation to implement energy efficiency in buildings. “Obama signed the bill into law Thursday in the Oval Office. He was surrounded by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. The law aims to cut energy use in commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and homes. Obama says he hopes it will lead to… Keep reading →

One World Trade Center Deemed Tallest Building In North America

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new program designed to reduce energy consumption in buildings as part of the city’s greenhouse gas reduction goal. The program called NYC Built to Last is modelled after the NYC Clean Heat initiative that cut soot pollution from heating oil by 50 percent. “Representing three quarters… Keep reading →