Ban Ki-moon

Libya To Send Apology To United Nations

The United Nations urged global business leaders on Wednesday to double investment in wind and solar energy to $600bn a year by 2020. [The Guardian] Chesapeake Energy shares decreased 16% this week and closed on Monday below $3 following the company’s announcement that it was suspending dividend payments on its convertible preferred stock.[Seeking Alpha] A… Keep reading →

A Moroccan engineer cycles past the solar panels of the solar power station of Ain Beni Mathar near Oujda on May 31, 2011. The station provides 13% of the Moroccan energy needs it is claimed.

When an energy industry opportunity sums up most of the current trends in global business and is ready for investment, how do you convince companies to take advantage of it? Keep reading →

As a child growing up during the Korean War, I studied by candlelight. Electric conveniences such as refrigerators and fans were largely unknown. Yet within my lifetime, that reality changed utterly. Easy access to energy opened abundant new possibilities for my family and my nation.

Energy transforms lives, businesses and economies. And it transforms our planet – its climate, natural resources and ecosystems. There can be no development without energy. Today we have an opportunity to turn on the heat and lights for every household in the world, however poor, even as we turn down the global thermostat. The key is to provide sustainable energy for all. Keep reading →