Atlantic Wind Connection

Plans to build the first US undersea transmission system for offshore wind farms advanced on Monday when the federal government said there was no competition for the proposed project, which can now be subject to an environmental review without being delayed by an auction.

The US Department of the Interior issued a finding of no competitive interest on the plan by Atlantic Grid Holdings to build the $5 billion Atlantic Wind Connection, a 300-mile transmission line off five mid-Atlantic states to take as much as 7,000 megawatts of wind-turbine capacity from yet-to-be-built offshore wind farms. Keep reading →

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he expects the leasing process for wind projects off the Atlantic coast, including a “pioneering” backbone transmission project, to go forward early in 2012.

Salazar also announced Tuesday approval of wind and solar projects in the Southwest, and Deputy Secretary David Hayes said Interior is on track to meet Congress’ 2015 target, of 10,000 MW of renewables on federal lands, three years early. Keep reading →

New Jersey released the final version of a plan designed to develop new sources of clean energy and boosting the use of renewables to meet an ambitious statewide goal.

Republican governor Chris Christie’s Energy Master Plan aims to have 22.5% of the state’s energy coming from renewable sources by 2021, and says it could reach a renewable portfolio standard of 70% by 2050 if the definition of clean energy was broadened to include nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric. For a copy of the plan, see here. Keep reading →