San Francisco Career Fair Helps Military Veterans Find Jobs

The energy industry – oil & gas sector in particular – is bracing itself for a massive wave of retirements over the short to medium term, which has been dubbed β€œThe Great Shift Change.” As the industry prepares for this turnover, companies are looking to the next generation of candidates with skills ranging from finance,… Keep reading →

The world’s most influential oil producer, Saudi Arabia, reduced its oil production towards the end of 2012, causing many to conclude the Kingdom sought to reinforce global oil prices, but the Internal Energy Agency has a different take.

Saudi Arabia had been pumping oil at 30-year highs for most of 2012, but cut back supplies by just below 300,000 barrels per day in December to 9.36 million b/d, the IEA said in its most recent Monthly Oil Market Report. Keep reading →

If there is a dearth of strategic thinking at your energy company in early October, blame the US Association for Energy Economics.

The energy industry’s deepest thinkers will be gathering in Washington, DC for the Association’s annual summit, a meeting of the minds for the economists whose analysis guides top decision makers at energy firms, regulators at all levels of government and the financiers and consultants moving projects forward across the sector. Keep reading →