Merry go round. Credit Shutterstock According to research by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Koeln) energy imports should not be “understood as a threat to the security of energy supply and an economic disadvantage” per se. The study – “Does Dependency Equal Vulnerability? Energy Imports in Germany and Europe” commissioned… Keep reading →

Banda Aceh Struggles After Devastating Quake

Oil theft in Nigeria caused Shell to recently declare force majeure on its Forcados crude grade and continued sabotage could decrease May exports to the lowest levels in five years, which would make Angola the largest African oil exporter by volume. [Sweet Crude Reports] The long-awaited EPA rule to restrict carbon emissions from existing power… Keep reading →


China has enacted new measures to improve air quality, including a mandate that heavy polluters, such as coal-fired power plants, reduce emissions by 30% per unit of economic output by the end of 2017, and publicly release environmental information. Certainly seems like a step in the right direction for a country whose capital city’s pollution… Keep reading →