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Wisconsin Lawmakers To Debate Bill That Would Cripple Wind Energy In State

Since the dawn of the 21st century, wind power has grown from providing less than one-third of 1 percent of U.S. electricity generation to 4.4 percent in 2014. And there’s reason to believe it could become much bigger – the cost of wind energy has declined and the U.S. Department of Energy recently laid out… Keep reading →

Report Claims 20 Percent Of US's Energy Could Come From Wind Power

The U.S. wind power industry said on Wednesday that it had a solid 2014, with 2,500 turbines capable of producing 4,850 megawatts put into operation, a big jump from 2013’s piddling gain of 1,098 MW. Plus, as the year drew to a close, nearly 100 projects totaling 12,700 MW were under construction. Pretty picture, right?… Keep reading →

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Cold weather has returned to much of the United States, and the wind energy industry is pivoting off the big chill to tout their turbines’ ability to provide cheap electricity when fuel prices for other sources skyrocket. The American Wind Energy Association said Wednesday that new research shows during last year’s dramatic January icy spell,… Keep reading →

Penn State Thumps Up

Yesterday in Las Vegas, the Energy Department announced Pennsylvania State University as the winner of the inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition. The clean energy and STEM-focused competition challenges more than 150 students at 10 universities across the country to design, test and build a small wind turbine. Over the course of three intense days at the American Wind… Keep reading →

Moon Appears Bigger And Brighter, As Its Closer To Earth Than Normal

Enbridge’s 110 MW Texas wind project will deliver electricity to the ERCOT market under a 20-year agreement with Microsoft Corporation. On January 6, 2014, Canada’s Enbridge Inc. announced an agreement with Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) to construct the Keechi Wind Project, a 110 MW wind energy project in Texas, at a cost… Keep reading →

Think of Texas and the mental movie is obvious: old fashioned oil rigs, big hats, big hair, big boots and conservative politics. Not much room for innovation, information technology, renewable energy or energy efficiency efforts in that narrative, but Texas confounds expectations. Keep reading →

The US wind power industry had a banner year in 2012, as developers raced to bring on projects before the federal production tax credit was set to expire at the end of the year. The frantic rush to take advantage of the tax incentive resulted in some impressive statistics highlighted in the American Wind Energy Association’s U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report for 2012, released Thursday.

Breaking Energy recently sat down with AWEA’s vice president of public affairs Peter Kelley ahead of the launch to gain some insight into what made 2012 so important and what to expect from the industry going forward. Keep reading →

It’s time for some compassion for the owners of America’s $374 billion power industry – twenty-two of whose member firms appear on the Fortune 500 list.

While the fate of these companies may not automatically tug at the heartstrings of your average American, it deserves our attention – not least because it’s in our nation’s short-term and long-term best interests. These thousands of powerful companies not only keep our lights on and our iPhones charged; they also stand squarely in the path of our clean-energy future. Their ability to adapt to a bevy of unprecedented challenges will determine how well and how quickly the United States succeeds in weaning itself from fossil fuels. They’ll also play a key role in the $268 billion global clean-energy market. Keep reading →

They took it right to the edge, but the US wind energy business managed to rescue the production tax credit around which many of their projects and manufacturing investments are structured. In the process Capitol Hill supporters of the sector rescued a claimed 37,000 jobs and the supply chain for a rapidly expanding form of power generation.

The effort to rescue the wind energy PTC and the also-extended investment tax credit (ITC) was not directly linked to the fiscal cliff debate, but became intertwined with the calendar-driven effort to prevent earlier tax cuts and credits from expiring without any replacement policy in place. The inclusion of the wind energy PTC, which was thought to be sufficiently likely to expire that companies spent significant sums as they rushed to turn on wind farms before the end of 2012, speaks to the expanded power of the wind industry groups in Washington, DC and the increased centrality of the wind energy business to major infrastructure and engineering firms with substantial US manufacturing operations including GE Energy, Siemens and Vestas. Keep reading →

A Vietnamese employee of GE’s newly built turbine generator factory walks in front of wind turbine components inside an assembly line in the northern coastal city of Hai Phong on October 15, 2010.

GE last month celebrated its 20,000th wind turbine installation, a gargantuan achievement given the US power generation giant only stepped into the sector in 2002 when it purchased the wind power assets from recently bankrupted Enron. Keep reading →

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