American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Global Issues Impact Oil Price

More problems with the Renewable Fuel Standard – an ethanol and biodiesel US transportation fuel supply blending requirement – have arisen with fraud allegations against an Indiana company that sold 33.5 million renewable-fuel credits for biofuel it never produced. This is not the first time fraudulent renewable-fuel credits have disrupted the RIN market and the EPA has been… Keep reading →

EPA Proposes Changes To Ethanol Mandate In Gasoline

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposal for mandated levels of renewable fuels blended into gasoline and diesel on Friday. The proposal aims to find a balance between encouraging the continued growth of the biofuels sector and avoiding blending more ethanol into the motor fuel pool than some engines can safely handle. Production… Keep reading →

Obama Makes Statement On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Continuing this week’s coverage of the ethanol blending battle raging in Washington, we’re bringing attention to a letter the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers recently penned to President Obama in support of the US EPA’s indication that it may partially waive the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard over blending requirement concerns. The letter serves as one… Keep reading →

U.S. Farm Earnings Drop 14.6 Percent In Third Quarter AFter A Decline In Output

Just as the debate over mandated ethanol blending in the US was heating up, the Associated Press published an investigative report focused on the US ethanol industry’s negative environmental impacts. Ethanol supporters are up in arms, claiming the piece is inaccurate, lazy journalism that uses “disproven myths, skewed data, and outright fabrications.” Not surprisingly, US… Keep reading →

Extended Drought Pushes Corn Prices To Record Highs

The battle over the Renewable Fuel Standard and how much ethanol should be blended into the US fuel system next year is heating up again, with trade groups exchanging punches and lawsuits being filed. The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers are involved in a war of words with the Renewable Fuels Association and the American… Keep reading →

Reports Claims California Leads The Nation In The Green Tech Field

The EPA released its finalized 2013 Renewable Fuel Standard yesterday, which laid out modified volumetric requirements for renewable fuels blended into the fuel supply, as well as more flexibility in meeting the standard. This year’s volumetric requirement is unchanged from a previous proposal, at 16.55 billion gallons this year. Of that volume, 1.28 billion gallons must be… Keep reading →