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McConnell And GOP Leaders Discuss Democrats' Health Care Reform Proposal

You’d be forgiven for ignoring the latest round of crisis manufacturing underway in Washington, DC; the current set of politicians in power, like oversized kindergarteners with cable news spots, seem able to operate only by continually threatening to close the government down and walk away. The markets and the citizenry have seen so many rounds… Keep reading →

A liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker arr

The ongoing debate about whether the US should permit additional LNG exports to countries with which it does not have a free trade agreement (non-FTA) is far from being just a question of whether we have enough gas to remain well-supplied domestically and export to other countries. The LNG export issue touches upon prospects for… Keep reading →

Taxing carbon could reduce US consumption of fossil fuels and significantly cut the yawning U.S. budget deficit but would affect low-income people the hardest unless offsets are built into it, economists and tax experts said on Tuesday.

As Congress and the White House seek alternatives to the “fiscal cliff” of sharp tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in on January first next year, experts on fiscal and environmental policy gathered at the American Enterprise Institute for a day-long discussion on a possible major new source of revenue that would also cut carbon emissions. Keep reading →