Infrastructure has been one of the defining terms for the energy sector in 2011, and it is set to define the industry’s major financial and regulatory debates in the coming year.

Generating, transporting and delivering energy is by its nature an infrastructure-heavy operation, perhaps along with the linked sectors of water and transportation the most consistently infrastructure-intensive activity modern societies engage in. Keep reading →

A biomass generation plant serving a giant Department of Energy installation has been delivered under the largest Energy Savings Performance Contract to date.

The 20 MW biomass power facility will provide roughly 30% of the 310 square mile Savannah River Site‘s power needs once it becomes fully operational in 2012. During six weeks of performance tests the biomass facility produced more than 3 million kilowatt hours of power. Keep reading →

The green economy is more than quietly turning windmills and grand visions of new infrastructure; it is also construction boots on the ground in public buildings across the US.

With budget constraints looming on the mind of government officials at every level, the question of how to pay for mandated or wished-for infrastructure improvements that cut energy usage in public buildings has grown ever more pressing. The use of energy savings performance contracts may be part of the solution to that quandary. Keep reading →