The International CES features cutting-edge technologies for an influential audience, so it makes sense that it would also feature some of the most aggressive energy efficiency and cleantech investing for an event of its scale in the US.

Smart grid and smart meter products that leverage the power of the internet to automate energy efficiency on devices and in buildings is the logical next step of communications technology, AlertMe CEO Mary Turner told Breaking Energy from the floor of the CES this week. The link between communications technology developments and energy research continues to grow stronger, and the efforts of CES organizers to demonstrate their energy efficiency and cleantech credentials further underlines the trend. Keep reading →

The internet’s power will allow management of the home in ways that save energy and money automatically in its next stage of development, a pioneer in the online world attending the Consumer Electronics Show told Breaking Energy this week.

AlertMe CEO Mary Turner helped launch some of the first large internet services in Europe, and now she is helping the technology developers of the next stage of the internet build a cloud-computing platform hub that lies at the heart of a new partnership with home goods retailing giant Lowe’s. Keep reading →