Delta Air Lines Buys Philadelphia Area Oil Refinery From ConocoPhillips

It’s been a little over two years since Delta Airlines took the plunge into the refining business as part of its fuel cost control strategy. The refinery posted a $19 million profit in the third quarter, but has run into problems complying with the renewable fuel standard. The refinery was reconfigured to maximize jet fuel… Keep reading →

Airlines Face Rapidly Rising Fuel Costs

With the Solar Impulse plane on a flight path now headed toward New York, it seemed only natural to focus on the quiet transformation happening in the airline fuel business which refiners should be taking very seriously. The idea of using sustainable, cleaner burning fuels for aircrafts has been around for a while. However, considering… Keep reading →

A plan by Delta Air Lines to buy a Pennsylvania refinery and save itself $300 million a year in jet fuel costs is an audacious move that may prompt its competitors to follow suit in a bid to control their biggest single expense, analysts said.

But the airline may also face bigger bills than it expects for restarting the currently idle plant and more than doubling its previous output of jet fuel. Keep reading →