Advanced Biofuels Association

Artisanal Beer Brewers Find Growing Niche In Berlin

The last video in a 3-part series from the Advanced Biofuels Association features a San Francisco-based company that’s making renewable diesel fuel in Brazil and renewable jet fuel that is being tested by the US military and commercial airlines. Amyris is training yeast to produce hydrocarbons instead of alcohol. A common challenge cited by all… Keep reading →

NASA Offers Tour Of Its Offshore Membrane Enclosure For Growing Algae (OMEGA) System

This second video in a 3-part series from the Advanced Biofuels Association highlights successes and challenges facing a company that seeks to commercialize next-generation, renewable transportation fuels. Sapphire Energy is the “first company to produce renewable crude oil on a continuous basis from algae biomass,” according to the ABFA. Sapphire CEO CJ Warner says the… Keep reading →

Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable transportation fuels like ethanol have been under the microscope lately, as fighting over the Renewable Fuel Standard ratcheted up in the days leading up to EPA’s proposed 2014 blending requirements. While corn-based ethanol received most of the attention – due to an investigative report highlighting some of the industry’s negative environmental impacts – the… Keep reading →

The federal government is a major player in the renewable energy space through tax credits and other subsidies, but even as those fade it has a vital role to play through the scale of its fuel and energy purchases.

As the advanced biofuels industry prepares for an era of widespread commercialization matched by shrinking subsidies, leading executives from companies like Amyris and Gevo are laying out their priorities and plans for the coming year and beyond. Keep reading →