Manufacturing To Be A Key Election Issue

Four years ago, I stood in the centralized data command center of an American oil and gas company, watching a former colleague remotely adjust infrastructure at wellsites thousands of miles away because an algorithm detected a potential failure. This was the first time I personally witnessed the power of the “digital oilfield.” Essentially, the “digital… Keep reading →

Bedouins Of The Negev Desert

The term Internet of Things (IoT) was first coined over 15 years ago to describe the trend of connecting physical objects to the digital world. Today the concept is more relevant than ever as consumers’ use of connected devices from smartphones to fitness trackers and thermostats shape the way we live and work. And our… Keep reading →

The World Economic Forum is getting ready for its high-profile conference in Davos, Switzerland this month and has kicked off preparations with a controversial but eye-catching ranking of global “energy architecture” on a country-by-country level.

After several years of focusing on the outcome of the financial crisis, the world leaders and business titans famous for gathering at Davos may now finally turn their focus to the energy sector, which continues to go through significant convulsions created by shifting fuel markets, renewable energy integration and complex policy debates. Keep reading →

Accenture’s research highlights six key questions #energy companies need to ask on business process management http:// Accenture

Fossil fuels and renewable energy have become touchy topics in this election, with challenger Mitt Romney painting President Barack Obama as too hard on the first and too fanciful about the second – and Obama saying Romney is out of touch with energy’s future.

But two other significant resources, nuclear power and energy efficiency, are evoking scant debate. Keep reading →

I’ve been warning for a long time that Cisco’s smart grid ambitions were going to force major changes onto the industry. The first of those changes has arrived today with the release of the first detailed version of the company’s grand framework — the reference architecture it calls GridBlocks.

The main points Keep reading →

Eric Miller, former senior VP at Trilliant, has decamped the U.S. He is in search of the ideal spot to set up a software development shop focused on electric power and related clean technology. He thinks he has found it in Argentina.

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