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Neurath Power Plant Rated Germany's Biggest CO2 Emitter

Germany, the UK and Poland have the dirtiest coal plants in the EU, where the share of coal in power generation is currently around 25%. The IEA says EU coal-fired generation needs to be below 4% by 2035 to combat climate change. Germany exported a record amount of power in 2013 as it generated more… Keep reading →

Prince Charles Visits Qatar - Day 2

The withdrawal of several ambassadors from Qatar is a setback to U.S. diplomacy with Gulf allies and another item for President Obama’s upcoming meeting with the Saudi king. Earlier today, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates recalled their ambassadors from Qatar, choosing a high-visibility tactic to emphasize long-simmering tensions within the Gulf Cooperation… Keep reading →

UAE 2013 158

Breaking Energy had the honor of touring Masdar City in Abu Dhabi last year – a UAE government-supported initiative to build the world’s most sustainable city – which will house research centers and corporations doing cutting-edge sustainable energy work. Masdar City reached a milestone with the opening of GE’s Ecomagination Clean Tech Hub. “The new… Keep reading →

Worthy Farm To Install UK's Largest Private Solar Panel System

In BBC News’ Ten Things We Didn’t Know Last Week, we discovered the following: A study has found that zinc oxide-based solar cells – which are less efficient than silicon-based cells – convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently when rock or pop music is being played, and while much of the debate about wind power’s effect on… Keep reading →


Energy companies love to brag about being the world’s largest, first or producing the most of something and the bragging is about to begin. The Shams 1 concentrated solar plant located in the UAE’s Western Region is currently the world’s largest, but not for long, as an enormous project in the US western desert is… Keep reading →

Invitations are allegedly out and would be suitors are already pruning and preening in advance of Abu Dhabi’s expected award of oil exploration and production concessions in 2014. Glittering amongst concessions that cover a staggering 10% of the world’s proven oil reserves are the Asab, Bab and Bu Hasa supermajor fields, “any portion [of which] would constitute a substantial prize for any energy company.”

The problem facing suitors, however, is that although the relationship between contracting West and producing East has been turned on its head since the existing concessions were granted almost 75 years ago; the path to the 2014 concessions is seemingly as shrouded in backroom smoke as its colonial predecessors. If you have an invitation; which rings need to be kissed & just how tight will your proposed margins have to be? If you don’t; can you still wrangle one, gate crash or cozy up to a winsome-looking invitee? Keep reading →

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon last month referred to Abu Dhabi as “becoming justifiably renowned as a hub for progress” regarding clean energy.

Abu Dhabi? Hub of the Middle East and home to one of the most oil-rich regions of the world? Keep reading →