Abound Solar

Questions about the efficacy of President Barack Obama’s stimulus spending for clean-energy programs came under the spotlight on Thursday with the claim by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney that “half” of the companies that received government support under the $90 billion program had gone out of business.

Romney attacked the program that poured billions into clean energy as part of the administration’s effort to keep the economy afloat after the 2008 financial meltdown, saying that the money could have been better spent on teachers, and accusing the president of picking “losers.” Keep reading →

A robotic arm moves a solar panel.

Another solar manufacturer has run aground on the shoals of the industry’s structural imbalance, with the Colorado thin-film company Abound Solar-recipient of a $400 million federal loan guarantee-announcing a retooling that will at least temporarily cost 180 people their jobs. Keep reading →