EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Announces New Regulations Under Obama's Climate Action Plan

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy goes before the Senate today for the first hearing about the agency’s proposed carbon emissions regulations covering existing power plants and she is “expected to get an earful from Republicans.” Monday night a group of business interests sent a letter to McCarthy calling for EPA to extend the comment period, alter… Keep reading →

British Government Signs A Deal For New Nuclear Power Plant

By Arjun Kharpal U.K. regulator Ofgem has called for a full investigation into the country’s energy market, to “clear the air” over competition and whether the public is being ripped off. The move comes amid rising anger towards the so-called “Big Six” energy companies which have been accused of hiking energy bills to boost their… Keep reading →

Politicians Debate Rising Electricity Prices

Quick Take:  Berg Insight is out with its latest “Smart Metering in Europe” research report. I’ve listed 12 highlights below. I found item #12 the most intriguing. Until recently, Europe has been a wireless holdout. But once its system is fully deployed, the UK will become the world’s largest wireless smart meter deployment to date.… Keep reading →

CEO's Discuss Future Of American Manufacturing In Washington

GE CEO Jeff Immelt said the company is researching technology that could use carbon dioxide instead of water for hydraulic fracturing operations. GE is reportedly putting an additional $10 billion through 2020 into its “ecoimagination” budget, which focuses on energy solutions including high efficiency natural gas turbines, “CNG In a Box,” wind turbine manufacture and… Keep reading →

Anti-fracking Protest Camp At Barton Moss

A group of fracking protesters in England were arrested Monday when they reportedly glued and chained themselves to gasoline pumps at a retail station they thought was owned by French oil major Total. The group was protesting against the oil company’s regional gas develop operations, but embarrassingly Total no longer owns the station. The service… Keep reading →

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant  Saved From Closure

Scotland will vote on a referendum to secede from the UK this September. A major component of that decision involves the future of the massive Grangemouth refining and petrochemical complex and oil reserves located in the Scottish portion of the North Sea. “Mr. Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, is banking on North Sea oil to underpin… Keep reading →

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl - Fresno State v USC

Ecopropagator is the first crowdfunding platform to target the market for cleantech projects. It is for investors who want to make money whilst ‘making the world a better place’. We provide funding solutions and support for ecological projects as well as advice on government initiatives – all in a safe investment environment. As we are… Keep reading →

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees

The Audubon Society is upset with a US Department of Interior decision to allow wind farm operators to obtain permit extensions allowing accidental bird death or injury for up to 30 years. Interior says the permit extensions provide regulatory certainty to wind developers, but Audubon thinks the move fails to balance “the need for conservation… Keep reading →

Burbo Bank Wind Farm Now Fully Operational

In what has to be seen as a discouraging sign for offshore wind power – a key component of the United Kingdom’s scheme to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions – RWE said it is abandoning the planned 1,200-megawatt Atlantic Array, in the Bristol Channel. The company said unspecified technological challenges of the project made it “uneconomic for RWE at this… Keep reading →

The National Oil Spill Commission Releases Final Report On BP Oil Spill

In a rare move, the UK government has come out in defense of BP regarding the US EPA’s decision to suspend the company from new government contracts. Members of the UK government filed a midnight brief on Monday saying the EPA’s decision could negatively impact jobs and pension funds invested in the UK super major.… Keep reading →

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