Electronics Scrap Recycling At Aurubis

In an article for the World Economic Forum blog, Leo Schlesinger – CEO of MASISA México – makes the argument for the concept of a regenerative ‘circular economy’. This concept would basically embed sustainability firmly within society and effectively restore much of the life-supporting biosphere for our generation and future generations as well. He advocates… Keep reading →

Anti-Coal Protesters Form Human Chain Across German-Polish Border

Pollution is one of the many environmental challenges facing the world today. The impact of pollution is more severe in developing countries, leading to ill health, death and disabilities of millions of people annually. Developed countries have the resources and technologies to combat pollution. As a result of the health risks and the potential impact… Keep reading →

California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

The market for distributed renewable energy (DRE) is rapidly expanding all over the world. This is in large part due to the drop in manufacturing costs for solar and wind technology, along with increased policy incentives, and a high financial return on investment. The levelized cost of generation from wind and solar has significantly decreased… Keep reading →

General Views Of Hazelwood Power Station

A new ‘Zeitgeist’ is increasingly taking hold in growing pockets of society, politics and the business world. All indications point to one direction – towards the concept of ‘sustainability’ dominating human behavior and thinking in the twenty-first century. As the urbanization wave around the globe rolls on, megacities are increasingly becoming the epicenter of human… Keep reading →

Beijing South Railway Station Reconstruction Project Near Completion

  As consumers become more educated about the need for sustainable living, many homeowners and homebuyers are prioritizing eco-friendly living in their home purchases and other home renovations. To meet public outcry for conservation, recyclability, and sustainability, those in the home improvement and construction industries are seeking solid alternatives that will adhere to even the… Keep reading →


While other economic segments struggled during the past decade’s downturn, green marketing grew, according to the 2013 Big Green Opportunity survey. The organic food market surged 238 percent, and the National Association of Home Builders projects green homebuilding to expand from $36 billion in 2013 to $85 to $105 billion by 2016. GM and Ford… Keep reading →

Construction Of New Homes Rise In March, But Less Than Expected

Green homes are not only trendy and in style, but they help keep Mother Earth feeling good. When it comes to being a green global citizen, there are always things you can do to improve your home and the environment, so here are a few things to get you and your house to be a… Keep reading →

Hint Of Relief From Years Of Drought Evident In Wildflower Bloom

What we call things in business matters. When efficiency is the only stated goal, companies send the message they seek only to wring whatever profit they can from a market without consideration of how their behavior impacts the longer-term future of both the markets or, thereby, each company’s own survival. But Christoph Lueneburger thinks it… Keep reading →

Former Rheinsberg Nuclear Power Plant Is Dismantled

On March 22 in Tokyo, UN-Water will release its World Water Development Report in conjunction with its annual World Water Day 2014 celebrations. This annual event is meant to raise awareness for water – indispensable for human life on earth. This year’s theme is “Water & Energy”. Despite its apparent importance, the issue of water rarely… Keep reading →


Energy infrastructure is inconsistently distributed worldwide. As a result, much of the global population is without access to affordable electricity. This issue has been at the forefront of discussions surrounding energy, development, and social justice. President Obama started the Power Africa initiative last year and the UN continues to promote the Sustainable Energy for All campaign.… Keep reading →

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