Landmark Solar YieldCo between First Solar and SunPower from Shutterstock. Vertically integrated solar developer superpowers and competitors First Solar and SunPower are partnering on a solar project YieldCo. This somewhat surprising announcement from the rival firms comes after several quarters of reluctance (or patience) in entering a YieldCo structure — either individually or jointly. The market… Keep reading →

A trader shows with a pen, a graph illus

Falling oil prices are bringing down prices of high-risk bonds many companies used to finance their capital intensive unconventional drilling programs. “Most of that decline has occurred in the last 30 days. It’s already making it harder for oil companies to reach out to the financial markets to fund more of their drilling operations, as… Keep reading →

Ken Salazar Tours SunPower Research And Development Facility In California

Google is having a big week on the renewable energy front and, in related news, lease financing for new solar installations is rolling along. The Internet giant with tentacles into so many things green and innovative followed its Earth Day announcement of a massive wind energy buy in Iowa with word on Wednesday that it… Keep reading →

Construction Of New Homes Rises More Than Economists Predicted For March

In sunny, high retail cost states, it appears imminent Adding solar panels to a roof is at least 20% cheaper when the roof is being built than adding it later. Why not include solar panels as a standard feature in new homes, just as smoke detectors or kitchen granite countertops are? That seems to be… Keep reading →

IFA 2012 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair

Funding at least 30 cleantech deals and deploying more than $500 million in summer 2013 In case you were unplugged for a while this summer, here are the companies that took in cash from the greentech VC community in the last few months. If we missed any VC funding event since June, let us know… Keep reading →

Solar Power Tower To Produce Enough Energy For 180,000 Homes

The definition has changed considerably over the years. The phrase “utility-scale solar” is heard so frequently in discussions about renewable energy that it comes as a bit of a shock when one realizes that there is no commonly accepted definition as to what size constitutes “utility-scale.” If you don’t believe it, a quick Google search… Keep reading →

Herman Cain Attends Americans For Prosperity Rally Against President Obama

Even the Tea Party is pushing back on the conservative political group’s claims. A curious thing happened in Georgia this month. As the state’s public service commission was considering a proposal for 525 megawatts of solar PV — a program fiercely opposed by Georgia Power — an unlikely alliance formed to support more solar. The… Keep reading →


By Anna Andrianova Select solar stocks have been on a tear lately. SunPower, First Solar and Elon Musk’s SolarCity have had increases of between 60 percent and over 100 percent year-to-date. So for those of you who think you’ve missed the solar run-up or are searching for a new entry point into the solar space—consider solar crowdfunding. Sites such as… Keep reading →

A picture taken on May 9, 2011 in Les Me

An increasing number of businesses want to be seen as green; go figure. The demand for renewable energy is predominantly driven by mandatory targets such as renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in the US, lucrative feed-in-tariffs (FITs) in Europe, or other requirements such as renewable fuel obligations in the UK. Subsidies such as production tax credits (PTCs) are among… Keep reading →

Two Large Solar Prominences Erupt On Sun

Investors are abandoning the solar manufacturing sector, but the solar game is far from over, according to one analyst. “There will be a resurgence” of solar after a manufacturing shakeout, Jason Channell, director of investment research and analysis at Citigroup, told CNBC. But “we think the next boom is coming from the storage area,” he… Keep reading →

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