Scenes From Predominantly Muslim Region Of Xinjiang In China

In the past three years, Beijing’s projections for 2030 oil and gas output increased by a third to almost 700 million tons of oil equivalent, based on hopes of developing unconventional oil and gas. Production last year of oil and natural gas was 318.9 million tons of oil equivalent. With traditional oil production practically stagnant… Keep reading →

Anti-FTAA Protesters Clash With Police In Miami

Chevron is restarting a shale drilling campaign in Romania, which has met resistance from the local population. As many as 300 riot police are patrolling the site. [Natural Gas Europe] Platts’ Brian Scheid has written an interesting piece on the Department of Energy’s latest LNG export approval, for an additional 0.4 billion cubic feet per… Keep reading →

Northeast Debates Benefits And Dangers Of Hydrofracking

We are at a transformational moment in energy history. Just a few years ago, all energy projections forecast increased imports, increased scarcity, and increased natural gas prices. Today, we’ve shifted from scarcity to abundance. U.S. oil production has increased by 2.5 million barrels per day (B/D) since 2010. This year, the United States overtook Saudi… Keep reading →

Kuwait Promises To Increase Oil Production In Case  Of War

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate far too much yesterday… PetroChina has agreed to buy 25% of the West Qurna oil field in Iraq from ExxonMobil for an undisclosed sum. An analyst at Sanford Bernstein previously estimated the value of ExxonMobil’s 60% interest in the field at $3 billion. [Bloomberg] An easing… Keep reading →

Jousting Knights Re-enact Medieval Scenes

In the debate over hydraulic fracturing – as in most debates – the most extreme views do not offer the most viable solutions. But while the oil and gas industry has, by and large, acknowledged that there are risks associated with fracking that must be managed, there are still many in the anti-fracking camp who… Keep reading →

High Oil Prices Continue To Drive Gas Prices Steadily Upwards

The development of unconventional oil resources outside the US frequently features in lists of events that could dramatically alter the global energy picture. But international development of unconventional resources of all kinds has been stymied by a range of above-ground factors, and EOG Resources does not expect their development to impact global markets for at… Keep reading →

Governor Cuomo Speaks On His State Of The State And Budget Message

New York State continues to hold the decision on shale gas development in stalemate, provoking calls for more transparency in the process. A decision on hydraulic fracturing in New York state has been in the works for several years. Former New York Governor David Paterson commissioned an Environmental Impact Study and Health Review in 2010,… Keep reading →

Pope Francis Gives His First Angelus Blessing To The Faithful

The global natural gas revolution has arrived in Mexico. As the country’s power sector undertakes a fuel shift toward natural gas, state-owned and domestic companies are beginning to seek ways to partner with technology-empowered foreign firms to boost domestic production. While maintaining and expanding struggling crude oil production at state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (better known as… Keep reading →

Blackpool's Shale Gas Drilling Begins

By Holly Ellyatt The shale gas revolution is only just beginning, but according to one leading analyst the U.K. and Europe have failed to capitalize on the maverick within the global energy market and are being left out in the cold. “I don’t think the U.K. is anywhere near catching up with the U.S.,” David… Keep reading →

The 12th China Development Forum

Guy Chazan must have inwardly rejoiced while interviewing outgoing Shell CEO Peter Voser for his piece in the Financial Times (which I’d link to, but they have a frustrating paywall situation). Most of the interview is about dull and important matters like capital expenditure cycles for oil majors, but Voser gave the FT a little… Keep reading →

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