Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

In Oklahoma, seismologists have warned that significant temblors last week could signal a larger, more dangerous earthquake to come in a state where drilling is destabilizing the bedrock. [The Guardian] Russia’s main stock indexes plummeted on Monday as the drop in oil prices cast a pall over the country’s energy-dependent economy. [The NY Times] Data… Keep reading →

Battle Looms For Coastal Wetland In Southern California

The single biggest contributor to climate change in California is a blown-out natural gas well more than 8,700ft underground, state authorities and campaign groups have stated. [The Guardian] A new report from Oklahoma’s energy industry is highlighting more bad news resulting from the slide in oil and natural gas prices. [KOCO] A new study says… Keep reading →

Daily Life In Istanbul

While Turkey’s numerical advantages and other factors would seemingly give it the upper hand in limited clashes with Russia, Moscow could bring overwhelming force to bear if the conflict escalated — a development that would invite NATO intervention. Turkey’s recent downing of a Russian Su-24 underscored the longstanding clash between their geopolitical interests. If more… Keep reading →

G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit

To reap the benefits and avert the dangers of Moscow’s latest developments with Iran, Washington and Europe should adopt a strategy that allows them to cooperate on Syria and antiterrorism efforts, while continuing pressure on issues such as the Ukraine conflict and S-300 deliveries to Tehran. On November 23, Russian president Vladimir Putin opens a… Keep reading →

14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 - Previews

New Russian airstrikes in the south could portend a wider regime, Hezbollah, and Iranian ground campaign there, potentially violating Israel’s Golan redline and exacerbating Jordan’s refugee problems. On October 28, for the first time since Moscow began its air campaign in Syria, Russian jets reportedly targeted rebel forces in the south. The strikes focused on… Keep reading →

A picture taken on April 9, 2011 shows C

The missile strikes on targets in Syria showed unprecedented cooperation between Russia and Iran, but they also serve as a wakeup call to Tehran about Moscow’s expanding military profile in the Caspian. On October 7, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that its warships had fired twenty-six cruise missiles from the central Caspian Sea at eleven… Keep reading →

Air Force Holds Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006

The bold military gamble in Syria surprised and confused the international community, but Putin has given the United States and Turkey a reason to more assertively counter Russia’s ambitions in its own backyard. While all eyes are on Moscow’s dramatic entry into the Syria conflict, policymakers and military planners should not forget about Vladimir Putin’s… Keep reading →

Iran Begins To Fuel The Country's First Nuclear Power Station

Potential military action against Iran would be much more risky if the regime does in fact acquire the advanced S-300 antiaircraft missiles, but Moscow and Tehran have significant obstacles to overcome before that occurs. One of the early consequences of the nuclear agreement with Iran has been revived negotiations over the sale of Russian S-300… Keep reading →

TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Climate-warming-Ch

The Obama administration’s new Clean Power Plan has been welcomed by renewable industries since its announcement on Monday, consolidating the changes in electricity generation, and the recent boom in solar and wind energy. [The Washington Post] Russia has submitted a bid to the UN claiming vast territories of the Arctic, the country’s foreign ministry announced on… Keep reading →

Europe Fears Cuts In Natural Gas From Russia

A new E3G Briefing Paper calls into question official EU projections regarding EU gas demand, which raises important questions about the economic viability of new gas import infrastructure – both pipelines and especially LNG terminals – and, by extension, about gas supply diversification efforts to enhance overall EU energy security. The following chart shows that… Keep reading →

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