Inside Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station

Users of critical infrastructure – for example, the electrical grid – are not really known for being blessed with outstanding customer service from their respective providers. Instead, for operators/providers – i.e. utilities – of a public good such as electricity, customers seem not to be the primary consideration given that utilities have a legal “obligation… Keep reading →

German Electricity Grid Insufficient For New Energy Needs

$8 billion in smart grid stimulus projects is only a fraction of what’s needed to modernize the grid. The approximately $4 billion in Smart Grid Investment Grants that were issued as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was parlayed into nearly $8 billion in grid modernization projects that are still ongoing.… Keep reading →

Burmese Punks Deliver Food To Some Of Yangon's Poorest Communities

In this series on Myanmar’s power sector, Breaking Energy takes a look at the dynamics of the sector, what’s driving change, how foreign investors are getting involved, and the challenges facing the government. In Part I below, we examine the state of the sector. Last November, residents of the new, more democratic Myanmar took to… Keep reading →

California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

Utility Dive takes a look at the new study making headlines – and getting its author on the David Letterman Show – that says the US could generate all its power from renewable sources by 2050. Not to spoil it, but the answer – predictably – is 100% renewables is possible, if not very challenging.… Keep reading →

Brazil's Controversial Belo Monte Dam Project To Displace Thousands in Amazon

Towards Understanding How Corruption Impacts the Quality of Electricity Supply to End-Users in Emerging and Developing Economies This article provides a synopsis of a paper submitted to the IAEE/USAEE Best Student Paper Award Competition. On average, a fourth of all electricity produced in low-income countries was lost during transmission and distribution in the year 2000,… Keep reading →

Space Station Crew Captures Image Of London At Night

Only six years ago humanity crossed a remarkable threshold: more than half of us live in cities for the first time in history. According to United Nations statistic, fifty years ago it was 30% and a century ago it was 10%. Urbanization as the central framework for human experience and work has been driven by… Keep reading →

National Grid Announces Controversial New Power Line Route

Ben Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”  This saying certainly holds true for smart grid deployment plans, which can cost utilities several hundred million dollars. Given these high stakes, good planning is essential. Many utilities have installed smart grids. Currently, 25% of U.S. electricity customers have smart meters, a key component of… Keep reading →

Google To Buy Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For 3.2 Billion

The changing utility business model in the face of distributed generation market acceptance is a major theme so far in 2014, and Google’s Nest acquisition is a clear signpost on this transitional landscape. It’s becoming increasingly clear that to lead the way in the new power generation and delivery space, utilities need to decide whether… Keep reading →

Breaking Energy Dallas Freeze featured

As we begin a new year, the outlook for 2014 looks bright.  But as the Polar Vortex has descended upon the U.S. over the last few days, we have been reminded of the past, specifically the winter of 2011 when Texas’ electricity grid stuttered under the extreme cold. Monday, as a record-breaking cold snap whisked… Keep reading →

Gas Price Hikes Prompt Resurgence In Coal Deliveries

On the heels of Europe’s economic crisis the continent finds itself paying more for dirtier, less reliable electric power, Eon’s chief executive Johannes Teyssen recently told the Financial Times. The chief of Germany’s largest utility described an American competitive advantage in energy that Europe is unlikely to replicate for several years, if at all. “There… Keep reading →

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