Oil company Hess CEO John Hess took policymakers to task for failing to formulate a long-term national energy policy in an address to the IHS Herold Pacesetters Energy Conference.

“The US is in desperate need of an energy policy,” Hess said. “It’s fundamental to our economic growth, our environmental sustainability, and obviously our national security,” he said. Keep reading →

Low natural gas prices are likely to persist in the US, which could prompt a new wave of oil and gas asset deals, and potentially industry consolidation.

Robust drilling activity, ongoing productivity gains, a backlog of wells awaiting completion, continued joint venture capital infusions, and hedging activities are all helping to sustain an oversupply of natural gas in the US, said R. Dean Foreman, chief economist, planning and commercial for independent Talisman Energy at the IHS Herold Pacesetters Energy Conference. Read more on the conference: Drilling Advances Trigger Tight Oil Renaissance. Keep reading →

Technological advancements in oil and gas drilling have rejuvenated the US and Canadian onshore oil and gas sectors, but above-ground risks may impede rapid production growth.

Widespread use of drilling techniques such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in shales and other geologic formations have shifted the outlook for North American natural gas supply, and proved more applicable to onshore oil production, as well. Keep reading →