Wisconsin Lawmakers To Debate Bill That Would Cripple Wind Energy In State

Long known for its boom or bust tendencies, the U.S. wind energy industry outdid itself in 2013. Capacity additions fell off a cliff, dropping more than 90 percent from 2012 and hitting their lowest level in a decade – but by the end of the year, new projects were under construction at a record-breaking clip.… Keep reading →

Neil Barofsky Testifies On TARP Program Before Senate Finance Cmte

How much will Senator Grassley’s plan to extend the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) add to the national debt we are passing along to our children and grandchildren?  On Thursday, April 3, 2014, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee is expected to consider and report out to the full Senate a bill that would extend various… Keep reading →

HUSUM 2012 Wind Energy Trade Fair

A bipartisan coalition of 144 House and Senate members have written to the House Speaker and Senate Finance Committee urging extension of the wind energy production tax credit. On March 21, 2014, a group of 118 House members led by Reps. Steve King (R-IA) and Dave Loebsack (D-IA) wrote to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)… Keep reading →

Senate Resumes Deliberations On FY2014 Budget Resolution

As Beltway types rush to make their opinions known on Senator Max Baucus’ energy tax revision proposals before a response deadline at the end of this month, financiers are scrambling to get deals together that can support renewable energy projects already underway. Tax policy has been a major component of energy policy in the US… Keep reading →

Germany Debates Renewable Energy Investements

Renewable energy businesses – primarily wind and solar power – in the US are moving from adolescence to maturity. The US solar industry experienced a transformative 2013, with the proliferation of physical assets, installed capacity and new finance mechanisms, while the wind industry raced to begin projects by end-2013 in order to receive production tax… Keep reading →

Wisconsin Lawmakers To Debate Bill That Would Cripple Wind Energy In State

Last year, the US wind industry Production Tax Credit was scheduled to expire at the end of December and the news media was all over it. The PTC is also scheduled to expire that the end of this year, but the issue is getting much less attention, why is that? Senator Don Nickles, who served… Keep reading →

Senators Hold News Conference To Urge Obama To Approve Keystone Pipeline

Canadian government negations with energy industry representatives regarding a carbon emissions mitigation strategy have reportedly been underway for the past two years with little to show for the effort. A climate plan could improve the Keystone XL pipeline’s chances of being approved by the US government.  [Reuters] The boom and bust cycle that characterizes PTC-dependent… Keep reading →

Riffgat Offshore Wind Farm Nears Completion

Quick Take: Bioenergy entrepreneur S. Michael Holly has posted on Energy Trends Insider to claim that special interests including electric power utilities and the wind industry are “misrepresenting wind power costs.” As a result, he claims, they are wrongfully rejecting renewables such as hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy that are actually lower in costs. – By… Keep reading →

California Adopts Sweeping Plan To Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Coal, renewables, nuclear and decreased year-on-year electricity demand are all eating into US natural gas-fired power generation. Increased installed wind power capacity played a major role, as developers rushed to achieve project eligibility ahead of scheduled end-2012 PTC expiration, according to Genscape data. “Year-to-date gas-fired generation continues to trail 2012 by 13%. It has lost… Keep reading →

Altmaier Visits Enercon Wind Turbine Factory

With long development timelines, it’s not apparent yet in new installation capacity, but there was another strong signal on Monday that the wind power manufacturing supply chain is coming back in the United States. The question is if the growth will be sustained. First the news: Big turbine blade manufacturer LM Wind Power put out… Keep reading →

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