U.S. And Saudi Representatives Discuss Energy Markets

Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali al-Naimi has begun opening up a bit more about Opec and the kingdom’s decision to leave oil production quotas unchanged at the producer group’s meeting last month. Since that decision – and price cuts on behalf of individual Opec members – benchmark oil prices plummeted and are now down about… Keep reading →

Venezuelans Loyal To Former President Hugo Chavez Mark One Year Anniversary Of His Death

  Times are changing and Opec is not what it once was in terms of oil price influence, but it’s too soon to completely dismiss the producer group that collectively controls such a large share of the world’s oil production, reserves, exports and thus supply. In this article, a Saudi diplomat argues his country “gets… Keep reading →

A trader shows with a pen, a graph illus

Falling oil prices are bringing down prices of high-risk bonds many companies used to finance their capital intensive unconventional drilling programs. “Most of that decline has occurred in the last 30 days. It’s already making it harder for oil companies to reach out to the financial markets to fund more of their drilling operations, as… Keep reading →

eia crude prices 09 to 14

As media reports explode about WTI crude oil futures prices closing below $60 per barrel today, there is no shortage of opinions about how far oil prices will go in the current bear market. The last major oil price crash in 2009 saw WTI prices fall to $34/bbl, before recovering fairly quickly. This time the… Keep reading →

A man looks at the electronic board show

As global benchmark oil prices on Wednesday reached lows not seen since the wake of the economic crisis in 2009, Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali al-Naimi responded to reporters’ questions with some of his own. The world’s most important oil minister held his ground reiterating that the oil market will correct itself without Opec interference.… Keep reading →

Stocks Pull Back, As Price Of Oil Rises Amid Unrest In Egypt

While oil prices are down after OPEC refused to curtail production, it won’t have a big impact on output from U.S. shale producers, at least for the near term, IHS’ Dan Yergin told CNBC on Monday. “There’s a lot of momentum in the system so I think you don’t really see the big impact of… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

An Oil Boom is a Power Boon U.S. News (Lamont Colucci): OPEC met on Nov. 27, and openly recognized that the United States’ oil technological revolution – driven by enhanced oil recovery methods including hydraulic fracturing (known as fracking) and horizontal drilling – has undermined the cartel’s economic and political power. This constitutes one of the… Keep reading →

Germany Plans 40 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

UN negotiators are meeting in Lima, Peru to construct a draft climate change mitigation agreement that will be finalized over the next year with the goal of signing it in Paris in 2015. The plan is to allow each country to develop a greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy that can be realistically achieved. “But while… Keep reading →

eia thanksgiving gas

The oil market is filled with winners and losers. When oil prices decline, refiners generally win as their feedstock is less expensive, but producers lose as they get less money for their product. This highlights the attraction of vertical integration – operating both upstream production and downstream refining – which can insulate companies from oil… Keep reading →

Le Tour de France 2014 - Stage Twenty One

Russian officials already in the unenviable position of dealing with the impact of Western sanctions on their national economy as reflected in a tumbling ruble – in spite of continuous Central Bank interventions – and capital outflows, now face the possibility of a recession looming in 2015, according to recent World Bank projections. Russia: Policy Uncertainty… Keep reading →

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