Venezuela Tense As Unrest Over President Maduro's Government Continues

Analysts and investors are trying to figure out the point at which oil prices fall too low for Venezuela to continue servicing its debt. The country’s export revenues are 95% oil reliant. “But this week’s fall in the oil price has further fomented worries of a possible default, pushing up Venezuelan bond yields to more than 18… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

 Alarmist media reports regarding oil’s foray into bear market territory could easily leave you thinking the oil industry is gasping its last breath. It certainly is not, as companies involved in the global oil complex are accustomed to commodity price volatility and most have experienced similar, if not worse, market corrections. In fact, over the… Keep reading →

Oil Drops To $96 A Barrel As Energy Prices Decline 1.4 Percent In April

As global oil prices beat a hasty retreat from the relative highs of recent years – dropping roughly $20 per barrel in weeks – market watchers have attempted to diagnose the situation. A popular view now is that Saudi Arabia is willing to take a short-term budgetary hit from lower prices in order to force… Keep reading →

Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi Press Conference

Depending upon which side of the fence one sits, major oil supply disruptions are typically considered bad luck, but in Opec’s case, recent supply disruptions have helped balance the market and support prices. “OPEC has been lucky – 3.5 million bpd of shale production has been absorbed through disruptions. They’re running out of luck,” –… Keep reading →

Domestic Oil And Gas Production

The need to reduce methane emissions from leaky valves, pipelines and compressor stations is giving rise to a new commercial industry made up of companies that specialize in methane emissions detection technology. “The industry has already seen an uptick in interest for its products and services, driven in part by the installation of oil and… Keep reading →

One World Trade Center Deemed Tallest Building In North America

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new program designed to reduce energy consumption in buildings as part of the city’s greenhouse gas reduction goal. The program called NYC Built to Last is modelled after the NYC Clean Heat initiative that cut soot pollution from heating oil by 50 percent. “Representing three quarters… Keep reading →

An oil drilling rig is seen September 29

Opec missed the fracking bandwagon according to this article that includes quotes from a secret letter written by Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a high-ranking member of the Saudi royal family, that drew attention to the threat posed by non-Opec unconventional resource production growth. “In addition to the many discoveries of oil and gas in the… Keep reading →

(FILES) A file picture taken on August 8

Geopolitical turmoil and security threats in major producing regions are never good for oil market stability, and while global benchmark oil prices have been cruising through an historic range-bound lack of volatility for an extended period, geopolitical headwinds show no sign of abating in the near term according to Barclays’ research. The bank forecasts 2014 Brent… Keep reading →

PRD Presidential Candidate Obrador Holds Final Campaign Rally In Mexico City

The impending restructuring of Mexico’s national oil company – Pemex – from a state-owned monopoly to a public-private entity will have a profound effect on the energy security and economy of Mexico. It may also have far reaching implications for its North American neighbors, the United States and Canada, who are both experiencing what has… Keep reading →

San Francisco Zoo Celebrates Endangered Species Day

It’s called “Energetic Bear” and some experts believe elements of the Russian government are behind a string of malware infections that reportedly compromised hundreds of industrial control systems. Originally thought to be used as a form of espionage, experts believe the technology can gain control of energy infrastructure and “cripple physical systems such as wind… Keep reading →

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