Coal Mining In India's Jharia

The energy poverty issue is being drawn into stark relief in India, where the government is pursuing an aggressive coal expansion strategy as it seeks to bring electricity to the over 300 million people without. The New York Times reports air quality in cities is worse than China, rising seas will impact the country disproportionately… Keep reading →

135th Meeting Of The Organisation Of Petroleum Countries (OPEC) Conference

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali al-Naimi has not spoken publically since September 11, but when he broke his silence today, the market was left with little evidence regarding Saudi oil policy going forward. Al-Naimi did take the opportunity to shoot down speculation that Opec members were in the midst of a price war. The price… Keep reading →

General Images Of Electric Vehicle Recharging And Battery Changing Station In Beijing

Flow battery technology could soon outcompete single-cycle gas-fired turbines according to a new study. “By 2018 the cost of ViZn Energy’s 4-hour storage solution, which was selected by Energy Strategies Group as a proxy for the lowest cost multi-hour storage solutions currently being commercialized, is projected to be $974 per kW, nearly identical to that of… Keep reading →

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

The appointment of Senator. Lisa Murkowski as Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee will have a major impact on U.S. Energy Policy particularly in relation the Keystone XL Pipeline, hydraulic fracturing, air quality regulations and LNG Export development. Murkowski emerged victorious from the Alaska Senate race and will ensure these issues become a… Keep reading →

Markets Rise On Economic Data

U.S. stocks declined on Tuesday, a day after benchmarks rose to records, as the price of oil slid to a three-year low, intensifying concerns about a slowing global economy. “There are three things we’re struggling with today: a lower assessment of the European economy, it’s down from where they were six months ago; the sufficiently… Keep reading →

China's 2014 Economic Growth Probable To Reach 7.5 Percent

The NRDC released a report that finds Chinese bunker fuel emissions are a serious and often “overlooked” problem. “With ships allowed to burn fuel with much higher sulfur levels than permitted in on-road diesel, one container ship cruising along the coast of China emits as much diesel fuel pollution as 500,000 new Chinese trucks in… Keep reading →

A close-up on a screen shows the last si

With all eyes on the global crude oil market due to recent price declines, analysts and investors are frantically searching for the bottom, with some expecting a continued plunge. While there could still be some short-term volatility and downward pressure, Barclays’ analysts see oil prices strengthening by mid to late 2015. Crude oil futures prices… Keep reading →

Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level In Four Months

Whether or not the price of crude has hit bottom, oil stocks are still likely to appreciate over the next few months, Wolfe Research Managing Director Paul Sankey said Tuesday. West Texas intermediate crude dropped below $80 a barrel, hitting two-year lows, with some analysts predicting that it could head toward $70 in next year due to oversupply.… Keep reading →

OPEC Ministers Attend Conference In Iran

As prices drop to around $80 per barrel, more attention is being focused on the mindset of Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter. The 20 percent decline in oil prices over the past three months has been attributed to a wide range of factors, including declining growth in China, poor growth in Europe, and… Keep reading →

OPEC Summit

This article reevaluates Opec’s power to control the global oil market and focuses on a political scientist’s research that suggests the cartel’s strength has been overblown for years. “But a closer look at OPEC’s real influence over the oil market suggests that we’re making a huge mistake about its global power, says Brown University political… Keep reading →

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