Dalian Port In China

The project is a way from shovels in the ground, but UK-based independent Tullow Oil is working towards bringing the considerable oil resources it’s discovered in Kenya and Uganda to market, which will require an extremely long, heated pipeline to transport the waxy crude. [The Observer] As businesses continue to seize opportunities presented by currently… Keep reading →

Navy Launches First Drone From Aircraft Carrier

This piece is short on details, but reports scientists have found a way to do gas-to-liquids on the high seas at a cost of around $3 to $6 per gallon. “For us in the military, in the Navy, we have some pretty unusual and different kinds of challenges,” said Cullom. “We don’t necessarily go to… Keep reading →

Azerbaijan Oil Industry

  The giant Kashagan oil field development project offshore Kazakhstan’s territorial Caspian Sea will be shut down for at least two more years, according to Quartz. Already woefully overdue and over budget, the project being developed by a consortium that includes some of the world’s largest international oil companies must now construct new pipelines that… Keep reading →

Fuel Shortage Eases A Bit In South China

First, BP dropped plans to invest in a refinery in Qinzhou. Then PetroChina delayed plans for it’s Kunming refinery, part of a larger plan that includes a pipeline linking Southwestern China to the Bay of Benegal through Myanmar (bypassing the Malacca Straits). Now, two of the largest Chinese national oil companies (NOCs) are paring back… Keep reading →

Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

States are battling to entice Tesla Motors to construct a $5 billion lithium-ion battery plant within their borders that could bring as many as 6,500 jobs. This Greentech Media article highlights recent news coming from each potential location – Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona – and suggests reasons why the factory should be built… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The amount of water it takes to produce energy – commonly known as the water-energy nexus – is becoming increasingly important as companies, policymakers and environmental groups seek ways to reliably deliver electric power and transportation fuels in an age of climate change-induced extreme weather. The hydraulic fracturing well completion process can require as much… Keep reading →


Wind turbines that float 1,000 above ground for months at a time take advantage of higher wind speeds than ground-based units, but they cost a lot more. Nevertheless, floating windmills could be deployed in circumstances where cost is not a primary limitation, such as remote locations characterized by high power prices or military installations. [Inhabitat]… Keep reading →

As Drilling At Relief Well Continues, Gulf Coast Toils Over Spill Recovery

This week’s central Gulf of Mexico lease auction, which saw oil and natural gas companies pledge more than $850 million in winning amounts, certainly helps support the United States’ status as an energy superpower. Developing more of our own oil and natural gas – and this week’s auction is a big step toward production – makes our… Keep reading →

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

Today’s 40 million-acre central Gulf of Mexico lease sale facilitated by the Department of Interior drew much attention due to BP’s return to action after being banned from the past 3 government auctions. The lease sale drew considerable attention from oil majors and independents, with most of the 380 bids submitted for deep-water territory. The… Keep reading →

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

In a hearing about the Keystone XL Pipeline on Capitol Hill last week, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune provided testimony that argued against building the pipeline. Brune’s statements were immediately disputed by pipeline supporters. One of the main issues that has emerged as part of the pipeline debate is whether the oil transport system… Keep reading →

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