An oil drilling rig is seen September 29

Opec missed the fracking bandwagon according to this article that includes quotes from a secret letter written by Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a high-ranking member of the Saudi royal family, that drew attention to the threat posed by non-Opec unconventional resource production growth. “In addition to the many discoveries of oil and gas in the… Keep reading →

(FILES) A file picture taken on August 8

Geopolitical turmoil and security threats in major producing regions are never good for oil market stability, and while global benchmark oil prices have been cruising through an historic range-bound lack of volatility for an extended period, geopolitical headwinds show no sign of abating in the near term according to Barclays’ research. The bank forecasts 2014 Brent… Keep reading →

PRD Presidential Candidate Obrador Holds Final Campaign Rally In Mexico City

The impending restructuring of Mexico’s national oil company – Pemex – from a state-owned monopoly to a public-private entity will have a profound effect on the energy security and economy of Mexico. It may also have far reaching implications for its North American neighbors, the United States and Canada, who are both experiencing what has… Keep reading →

San Francisco Zoo Celebrates Endangered Species Day

It’s called “Energetic Bear” and some experts believe elements of the Russian government are behind a string of malware infections that reportedly compromised hundreds of industrial control systems. Originally thought to be used as a form of espionage, experts believe the technology can gain control of energy infrastructure and “cripple physical systems such as wind… Keep reading →


The highly informative and thought-provoking 2014 annual International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) International Conference came to a successful close last week in New York. The energy world, a world of disparate natural resources endowments that constantly wrangles with its steady companion ‘political risk’, is highly volatile and, therefore, always in flux. In this context, Jason… Keep reading →

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Let’s make a couple of points with the juxtaposition of the newest U.S. report on energy production on federal lands and a pair of new analyses people are talking about this week. First, there’s this piece by the Manhattan Institute’s Jared Meyer on the Real Clear Energy website, asserting that surging U.S. crude oil production is playing… Keep reading →

Germany Debates Renewable Energy Investements

Energy consumers often seek similar goals when sourcing supply: Reliable, clean and cheap. The European Union is no exception and a new energy strategy document drafted in the wake of Gazprom’s latest natural gas supply cutoff reiterates that goal. “We must avoid Europe relying to such a high extent on fuel and gas imports. To… Keep reading →

'Liberated' Eastern Libya Adjusts To Life Without Gaddafi Rule

The Brent-WTI spread narrowed further yesterday, with the price differential currently around $6/bbl, as Libya continues to shake up the international oil market. “Libya, the holder of Africa’s biggest crude reserves, has become the smallest producer in the 12-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries after protests halted production and shipments. Output shrank to 250,000 barrels… Keep reading →

Iran Begins To Fuel The Country's First Nuclear Power Station

Although Iran’s nuclear potential will likely dominate talks between President Obama and King Abdullah on March 29, Riyadh’s own nuclear plans should also be part of the discussion. A major probable consequence of Iran achieving a nuclear weapons capability is that Saudi Arabia will seek to match it. With President Obama currently rating the chances… Keep reading →

President Obama Meets With Saudi Arabian King Abdullah

President Obama’s meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah tomorrow is expected to largely focus on Iran, but other topics are likely to include Egypt, Syria and of course the US-Saudi strategic partnership. US-Saudi relations have been tumultuous of late – making this meeting especially important – due to disagreements over US-Iranian negotiations, the lack of… Keep reading →

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