Two Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Sandy In New York

In a decision loaded with potential economic and political consequence, the Cuomo administration today ended years of tortured consideration and said New York state would move to ban hydraulic fracturing, the controversial technique that uses pressurized fluids and sand to extract gas and oil from shale rock formations. At an Albany cabinet meeting, Acting Health… Keep reading →

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

Controversy is brewing as utilities consider “repowering” old coal-fired power plants across the US with natural gas. Several environmental groups initiated lawsuits to stop these plants from converting from coal to gas. Environmentalists want to shut the plants and replace the power they generate with renewables. Utilities argue this is not always possible, particularly in… Keep reading →

California Gov. Brown Holds Press Conf. On Expansion Of Electric Vehicle Market

Quiz time. Which of the following two statements is true: Electric vehicle sales in the United States are growing at a remarkably fast rate. Electric vehicle sales are a small fraction of what many advocates had been hoping for just a few short years ago.  OK, maybe you sniffed out the gambit – both are… Keep reading →

EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Announces New Regulations Under Obama's Climate Action Plan

The growing controversy over the degree to which environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council influenced EPA’s new carbon emission regulations for existing power plants ratcheted up today.  Coal lobby American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity blasted EPA for comments made in an internal memo – “obtained” by The Hill about the New York Times’ story that… Keep reading →

  The Natural Resources Defense Council played an influential role in the EPA’s recently announced rule to limit carbon emissions from existing US power plants. The group of seasoned environmentalists reportedly used their Washington connections and forward thinking to get out ahead of the issue. “They were the first out of the gate,” said Adam… Keep reading →

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

The battle lines aren’t officially drawn yet, but the fight is already intense. Next week, the Obama administration will propose new rules for curtailing greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, the source of about 40 percent of U.S. carbon pollution. The proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air… Keep reading →

San Francisco Career Fair Helps Military Veterans Find Jobs

The energy industry – oil & gas sector in particular – is bracing itself for a massive wave of retirements over the short to medium term, which has been dubbed “The Great Shift Change.” As the industry prepares for this turnover, companies are looking to the next generation of candidates with skills ranging from finance,… Keep reading →

BP Blow Out Preventer From The Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Recovered

An offshore natural gas well blew out yesterday in the Gulf of Mexico about 150 miles south of the Louisiana coast. All personnel were safely evacuated and no injuries were reported. Environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council took the opportunity to comment on risk associated with petroleum development and suggested that risk is too great… Keep reading →

Environment, energy programs survive fiscal cliff vote NRDC

From the start Heather Zichal, chief energy adviser to President Barack Obama, struck Elgie Holstein as an unusual Washington player.

He got to know her when Zichal was a Congressional aide for Senator John Kerry, a position she held from 2002 to 2008. One day, she sought out Holstein, a veteran policy adviser who had served in the Clinton administration, because she needed information on refinery economics. Keep reading →

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