A large excavator loads a truck with oil

A female Suncor Energy employee was attacked and killed by a black bear at the company’s oil sands production facility in Northern Alberta, Canada yesterday. “An extensive investigation is now underway at a Suncor worksite in northern Alberta after a large male black bear attacked and killed a female employee. At about 2 p.m. at… Keep reading →

Surging Oil Industry Brings Opportunity To Rural California

The idea that global oil production was nearing its peak, only to plateau and then decline was a common view in the energy world for many years. The geophysicist M. King Hubbert predicted in the 1950’s that US oil production would peak in the 1970’s, a forecast that held true until technology allowed companies to… Keep reading →

Temperatures Plunge In Moscow

Russian gas independent Novatek and Gazprom oil-producing arm Gazpromneft have agreed to a $2.94bln deal to buy Italian Eni‘s stake in SeverEnergia, which is expected to produce 36 billion cubic meters of gas and liquids by 2017, equivalent to two-thirds of Novatek’s production, according to Reuters. A joint venture of Eni and Italian Enel has a 49% stake in SeverEnergia, of which Eni controls 60%. Investment… Keep reading →

Migrant Workers Farm Crops In Southern CA

A disrupted planting schedule and unusually wet weather has increased demand for propane used to dry corn, creating shortages exacerbated by transportation bottlnecks. “A lot of guys are being rationed at 300 to 500 gallons a day, and it’s just not enough,” said John Plathe, 49, a corn farmer in west-central Minnesota. “If this were… Keep reading →

Midwest Hammered By Second Major Snowstorm

The EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook finds US households heated with natural gas, propane and electricity face higher heating bills this winter. Homes in the northeast that use heating oil will pay slightly less for the fuel than last year. These price movements are primarily due to changes in underlying commodity prices,… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

Addressing the natural gas flaring issue in North Dakota’s portion of the Bakken Shale formation is not as simple as just connecting new wells to pipeline infrastructure. Sometimes new, high-pressure wells can overwhelm existing infrastructure and without additional compression, more frequent maintenance or expanding the system, extinguishing the flares is not feasible. The latest report… Keep reading →

An Aerial view taken on August 18, 2011

As US natural gas production swelled in recent years – largely a result of shale gas development – and prices fell amid burgeoning supply, producers moved rigs to economically greener pastures. In a world of comparatively high oil prices, this meant more liquids rich natural gas resources that produced ethane, butane, propane and pentanes, known… Keep reading →

The Three Forks formation in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana could hold more undiscovered, technically recoverable oil than the Bakken Shale that lies above it, according to the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) latest assessment.

The mean of the estimate for the two formations’ combined undiscovered, technically recoverable oil is 7.38 billion barrels, effectively doubling the 2008 estimate for the Bakken shale alone. The mean estimate for Bakken oil, at 3.65 bn bbls – the same as in 2008 – is just shy of the Three Forks’ 3.73 bn bbl estimate. Keep reading →

Range Resources’ position in the Marcellus, and the market access it offers, gives the a leg up over condensate producers in other parts of the country, according to the company’s Senior Vice-President Rodney Waller.

Range holds a million acres in the Pennsylvania portion of the Marcellus shale some in dry gas areas, and some in wet gas or “super rich,” where the production stream yields liquids, such as condensate and NGLs. Range Chief Executive Jeff Ventura noted earlier this year that in 2012, the company’s Marcellus wet gas acreage was producing 49% liquids, compared to 57% in the super rich area. Keep reading →

While LNG exports from the US are hotly debated, major shale gas player Range Resources was recently excited to proclaim it will be the first company to export natural gas liquids via ship from the US. Range has an agreement in place to begin ethane shipments to a petrochemical concern in Norway beginning in 2015.

We have a sales VP in Europe now – they [NGL sales team] got a call from China and there’s interest in Pittsburgh,” Rodney Waller, Range Senior Vice President said at the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s Oil & Gas Investment Symposium held last week in New York. Keep reading →

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