General view of an oil refinery

A new documentary called Pump seeking to promote alternative fuels in the US takes aim at the existing downstream oil products complex and suggests change is afoot. The movie is due out in September and today Submarine Deluxe, in association with Fuel Freedom Foundation and iDeal Film Partners released the trailer that can be viewed… Keep reading →

A woman pumps gas into a vehicle on Marc

Originally Posted on Along with other forms of so called “renewable energy,” I have come to hold a jaundiced view of biofuels, largely because of their inevitable competition with food supplies, as well as some concern about land use and the pressure placed on natural habitats, and finally, maybe most importantly, the long term sustainability… Keep reading →

Martin Caulfield Services Some Of The Last Remaining Gas Street Lamps In The Capital

Gas was first produced and supplied from coal over 200 years ago in London and next month engineers from around the world will gather in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to celebrate the anniversary, as well as new gasification technology at the New Horizons in Gasification, 12th European Gasification Conference. “The Gas Light and Coke Company began… Keep reading →

Moorburg Power Plant Under Construction

Coal-to-gas switching in the power sector has been a “brutally efficient” driver of US natural gas demand, and until new demand sources materialize, it will keep gas trading in the $3.20-$4.20 per million Btu range, according to Macquarie Global Oil & Natural Gas Economist Vikas Dwivedi. “Gas demand so far has been led by power,” Dwivedi said during… Keep reading →

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices

A combination of policy and market impediments to diversification of US transportation fuels has prompted the free market-focused Fuel Freedom Foundation to team up with policy-focused environmentalist and former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope to pursue coordinated efforts to wean the US off its oil dependency. Pope and Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Eyal Aronoff… Keep reading →

For countries with lots of coal looking for clean alternatives to burning it, Synthesis Energy Systems has an answer: use that coal to run cars and make plastics.

That’s not only technically feasible, it’s actually being done commercially in China, Robert Rigdon, SES President and CEO, told Breaking Energy. Keep reading →

Methanol is the simplest form of alcohol and could help lower gasoline prices. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs David Sandalow recently spoke about the benefits and challenges associated with using methanol as a transportation fuel.

Methanol can be produced from a variety of feedstocks – including natural gas – which makes it much cheaper than an equivalent gallon of gasoline or diesel at current prices. However, there are technical, infrastructural and regulatory challenges to widespread distribution and consumption of methanol in the US. Keep reading →